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What are Admission Requirements for universities program?

What are Admission Requirements for universities program?
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What are Admission Requirements for universities program?

 What is the college? 

The college is defined as one of the building entities that the university includes, whether inside or outside it. The college offers its students an opportunity to pursue an independent education for the arts and be separate from professional applications. The college is based on the principle of giving academic courses in many disciplines, including the arts. The college may be specialized in applied education for some professions and trades specializations, such as medicine, pharmacy, music, and agriculture.

 Admission Requirements and Comparison Procedures for the MBA Program (2016) at King Saud University 

Conditions for admission and preference:

  1. Applications to join the program, for male and female students, are submitted through the electronic portal of the Deanship of Graduate Studies, and is expected to be in the month of 12/2015 AD. For more details, follow the King Saud University Student Forum.
  2. Admission requirements: satisfy the admission requirements stipulated in the graduate studies list, obtain a bachelor’s degree regularly from accredited universities and university colleges, and that the GPA not be less than (3 out of 5, or 2 out of 4, or 80 out of 100), and for non-Saudis not be less than A very good estimate.
  3. Obtaining at least (61) scores on the TOEFL test using the Internet equivalent to (500) scores in the paper test, or (6) points in the IELTS test, so that it does not exceed two years, and it is required of all applicants regardless of Their scientific background according to the decision of the Deanship of Graduate Studies. Submit the GMAT test result in an appropriate degree and not exceeding five years, and obtain at least (70) points in the general capabilities test for undergraduates (without it the electronic submission portal does not open),
  4. Both applicants and applicants must complete all the required documents and submit them to the program at the College of Business Administration (Student Building) in the university city of Diriyah - for both male and female students - before the end of January 2016.
  5. The program management will only contact applicants and applicants who meet all the requirements and who have passed the initial screening, to conduct personal interviews and it is expected that this will take place in February 2016, which will only take place with the presence of the TOEFL and GMAT test results.
  6. Whoever gets the highest marks in the final evaluation will be nominated after the personal interviews. The usual admission procedures will be taken, and the Deanship of Graduate Studies will be announced on its website the results of the final admitters after completing the procedures. The program also communicates with applicants through the King Saud University Student Forum (cksu.com).

 The required documents for admission to university of King Saud 

Those who meet all the requirements must submit two files. Inside each file the following documents according to the aforementioned arrangement to the program administration at the College of Business Administration for students in the university city of Diriyah for both male and female students:

  1. A detailed CV in English, including contact numbers and email.
  2. A copy of the TOEFL test results, gymnasiums, and general capabilities of undergraduates.
  3. A copy of the bachelor’s certificate and record.
  4. Two recommendations.
  5. A copy of the ID card (or family card).
  6. Two colored personal photos (not for female students).

 Master admission at the Qaseem University 

Qassim University provides a Master's program in several disciplines, and to register for Master's programs at Qassim University, you must know and follow the following criteria for admission to a Master's degree in Qassim University:

  1. The applicant gets a certificate of the general aptitude test held by the National Center for Measurement and Evaluation.
  2. The applicant must be a Saudi national or apply through an official grant if he is not a Saudi.
  3. That the applicant for postgraduate studies at the Qaseem University holds a bachelor's degree from a recognized university, whether Saudi or non-Saudi.
  4. That the applicant for the Qaseem University is of good conduct, and not separated from another university.
  5. The applicant to study for a master’s degree in the Qaseem University must submit two certificates of accreditation from former university teachers.
  6. The applicant must have a certificate of English language proficiency (TOEFL) or (IELTS).
  7. Registration for a master's degree in the Qaseem University requires the submission of the following papers:
  • Bachelor's academic record.
  • Bachelor's degree document.
  • National identity or passport and residence.
  • Two academic recommendations.

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