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What is university admission?

What is university admission?
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What is university admission?

Getting college admission is not impossible or costly as many students think today. Many universities have started to activate the service of obtaining university admission electronically through the university's website or through traditional methods by sending papers to the university address or applying through another person who is located in the same country as the university where the student wants to study.

It must be pointed out first that the possibility of obtaining university admission varies from country to country and from one university to another within the same country or city. Students always find it difficult to obtain admission from famous and highly rated universities in the country.

The possibility of obtaining admission increases easily in universities that are less well known and far from the main cities of the country. Therefore, it is necessary to get to know the university well before applying for admission in terms of its classification, academic reputation and student density in it, as well as the type of admission you need.

 What are the requirements of UCLE admission? 

There are four requirements of UCLE admission:

First: One of the requirements of UCLE admission is the requirement that an applicant to study at the university obtain a (High School Certificate) or what is known as (Equivalency Diploma-High School) or (H.S.D Certificate).

Second: The student must also pass the TOFEL or IELTS test as one of the  requirements of UCLE admission. It is one of the most prominent tests for measuring the level of English language and its proficiency, but they are considered unique tests that cannot be easily passed until after a careful study of the language. Therefore, some American universities grant students in other universities some educational scholarships to pass and complete one of these exams.

Third: The student must demonstrate proof of financial ability as one of the requirements of UCLE admission. The nature of study at the University of California needs to pay an amount of money annually, so the student must prove the ability to pay the costs of the study by providing a document proving that he has a bank account or what is known as (Financial Statement).

Fourth: UCLE admission is required to provide some documents to complete postgraduate studies. These documents require a curriculum vitae and research plan for the subject of the study, in addition to providing the student with a certificate of experience in the field in which he would like to complete postgraduate studies and a letter of recommendation from one of the teachers and professors who were taught by them before.

 What are the types of university admission? 

There are two types of university admissions

  1. Normal admission (unconditional): It is usually within the conditions specified in most universities around the world, and there is no additional requirement for it.
  2. Conditional admission: The university offers students admission, provided that all required papers or one of them is obtained in a later period, there is no need within conditional admission to possess all the requirements during the application period. Rather, some papers may be attached or sent at a later time, and not all of them need to be sent in advance. Conditional admission is submitted to students at times when the time for submission of applications for admission to the university is nearing completion. The student who has not been able to obtain all the necessary papers at this time, the student applies conditionally, provided that he sends the rest of the papers at a later time.

 Applying to university 2016 

Applying to university for admission is the same in most universities around the world. Applying to the university in 2016 includes the following points:

  1. Determining the university to be accepted from.
  2. Inquiring about the date of submitting applications, you should be aware of the date of application at each university, as the dates differ between each university and another, and it is not possible to apply at any time of the year. Usually such information is available on the official website of the university.
  3. There are usually two periods per year to apply to the university with the start of the first and second semesters, but some universities only have one period, so you should pay close attention to this.

 The papers required for all university’s admission 

Admission requirements may differ for each university and another, as well as the requirements are usually available on the official website of the university. The general papers required for all university’s admission include:

  1. Copies of official evidence, such as personal photos and a copy of the passport.
  2. A copy of the secondary certificate, attested and translated, or a copy of the last academic certificate obtained.
  3. A copy of the graduation certificate and the master's or doctorate scores certified and translated, if you are applying for postgraduate studies.
  4. The application form for admission is extracted from the university's website. In cases where the application form for admission is not available on the university’s website, it is most likely available at the country’s embassy and consulates to which the university is affiliated.
  5. CV.
  6. Recommendation letter.
  7. Motivated message.
  8. Language certificate.

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