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How to rephrase a sentence correctly?

How to rephrase a sentence correctly?
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How to rephrase a sentence correctly?

 What is the paraphrasing skill? 

Paraphrasing is a skill that researchers or students must greatly master. Both researchers or students change words while maintaining a single meaning for these words. Therefore, no matter how different the terms used in paraphrasing from the original words, researchers or students must realize the necessity of communicating the original meaning of the text.

For the paraphrasing to be successful, both researchers or students should focus on key aspects of the text such as details, events, and developments that are relevant and related to the problem addressed in the text.

Paraphrasing requires researchers or students to have a linguistic skill in order to adapt the language so that the choice of phrases is new and preserves the meaning of the text at the same time.

 What are the tips to follow to become a good essay rewriter? 

  • Write a draft of the article

After you choose your topic and define your ideas, you can start writing. Make a draft of the article, and include all the thoughts and phrases related to the topic. In order to become a good essay rewriter, don't occupy yourself a lot with the arrangement or choice of phrases, but focus on writing everything you have in mind within the topic you have chosen.

  • Identify key ideas

In order to become a good essay rewriter, you should define key points that you will focus on. This will help you limit ideas and not distract the topic, as it will help you cover the various aspects of the topic without repetition. In addition, defining the main ideas will allow the reader to take a quick and complete overview of the article before reading it. It is also necessary to determine in this step the size of the article, the number of words or pages in general, and the size of each part in it so as not to dwell on a particular part at the expense of the other parts.

  • Identify your target readers

One of the most important secrets to the of an essay rewriter is defining the target audience as it helps the essay rewriter choose the writing style to convey the message and clarify the idea. Also, the successful essay writer does not follow a single method in writing all his articles, but rather essay rewriter must be flexible in choosing the most appropriate method, depending on the nature of the audience who wants to direct the message to them. For example, writing for the general public calls for simplicity and ease, while writing for professionals needs to use technical terms that the general public may not understand.

  • Learn the correct structure for writing an article

To be able to identify the correct structure for writing the article, you can be guided by some previous essays written on the same topic, but do not just imitate it, but put your fingerprint on it and distinguish it from others. Knowing the right structure will help you communicate your message to your readers with ease, and it will guarantee you a good number of readers, and it will not make your article boring.

 What is the importance of sentence rephrase? 

Many students, while writing their university theses and scientific research, have to rephrase large portions of the information in the sources and references in order to avoid the permissible quote percentage in international universities. In this case, the researcher looks at the original text, then reads it carefully, and then rephrases it in full form.

Sentence rephrasing has been defined as being the process of converting information of a particular text from one formula to another with the consideration that the researcher writes different words while preserving the original meaning of the text without making any change to it.

Sentence rephrasing is the process of highlighting the original text in a researcher-specific way differs in its wording from the wording of the original text with the meaning remaining the same. The researcher highlights the original text in a new way, as the number of words decreases, because the abbreviation plays an important role in the paraphrasing. Therefore, the researcher should summarize the information that can be dispensed with.

 How to make English paraphrasing? 

The paraphrasing of English texts is one of the most important things that researchers and students should learn and master because students may have to translate some English phrases and convert them into Arabic whatever their field of study is.

In order to be able to paraphrase the English phrases, the researchers or students must first be fully familiar with the rules of the English language in order for them to be able to form a news story, a question sentence or an exclamation sentence as needed. Therefore, they must be familiar with the departments of speech in the English language.

Several online programs have emerged in the recent period which aim to help the student to make English paraphrasing. Among the most prominent of these programs is the Paraphrase self-test program.

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