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How to ensure that my title is new?

How to ensure that my title is new?
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How to ensure that my title is new?

Title search is considered one of the things that are of great importance to the scientific researcher, especially for the researcher in the process of Title search in a specific field, so title search is a source of fear and anxiety for the researcher at first glance, especially when you look at the big world for the research titles previously published in all fields, to begin his questions about title search, and about other special matters in deciding on your titles, and given the great role that scientific research plays in the progress of science in various fields, any researcher is supposed to rely on the scientific methods adopted in writing your titles, and the most important things that must be familiar with how to search for your titles (good title/modern title/new title).

Title search can be sometimes a challenging process for all researchers, since title search is considered the start point for the research. Title search should be thought of carefully, since title search determine how good is the research.

Searching for your titles usually involve Searching for your titles from different research titles in the field of study, it is possible for the supervisor to request that a scientific research title be decided from multiple research titles in order to search and analyze and navigate its aspects and benefit from it in the field of scientific research, when Searching for your titles, you should consider the trends in  your area of research. Since Searching for your titles is the base for his research. It is important for researchers to consult with their supervisors in regard to Searching for your titles.

 The concept of the research title 

The concept of a good research title can be clarified as: “a coordinated and organized method of collecting specific information by documenting it and mentioning the source from which that information was taken, while adding the writer's method of drafting and putting his views in a correct scientific way according to the criteria of writing scientific research, and taking into account the methodology and coordination”

 Types of research titles 

The choice of the research title is based on knowledge of the types of research, these types of research titles include the following:

  1. Title related to Quantitative or Descriptive Research: These titles relate to studying the properties of the examined, uses numbers and data to prove the study, and the tool used in this type of research include the questionnaire.
  2. Title related to Qualitative Research: It is more complex than descriptive research and takes interview and observation as a research tool, and uses percentages.
  3. Title related to experimental research: It is the research that studies the effectiveness of something on something else, such as: the effect of the (name of the program) program on the employees of the institution (name of the institution).
  4. A title in a research that mixes qualitative and quantitative: You must determine the direction you want to go into in order to choose the subject of study.

 Factors for Determining Good titles/new title/modern titles 

There are many factors to determine a good research title, the most important of which are the following:

  1. The path to which the research title was assigned.
  2. What if the subject of the research was appointed by the supervisor.
  3. That the subject area of ​​the research be broad-based.
  4. The wide area in defining a good subject for scientific research.
  5. Provides a wealth of titles with some freedom to choose.

 The importance of the research title 

To prepare a good research title of great importance to the researcher as it enables him to identify and limit many cross-cutting issues, and the importance of the title of scientific research can be summarized in the following points:

  1. The research title helps the researcher to clarify the objective of scientific research with the required accuracy.
  2. Efforts to prepare a good title to help present an in-depth picture of the title, its sub-divisions and its borders.
  3. Help the researcher determine the easiest path that leads him to the specified goal easily, and help the researcher to determine the best and easiest methods that help him reach the specified goal of the research with ease and ease.

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