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The qualities must be available in scientific researcher

The qualities must be available in scientific researcher
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The qualities must be available in scientific researcher

       The reviews of scientific research is not easy, as scientific research has ways the Organization through these roads and write information collection of several reliable and objective ways, where you must be sure that written statements are true and taken from places not reliable., as Scientific Researcher to review all that has been written in ways that are true and clear, where the basis in the scientific researcher is reliability and Honesty.

       The scientific researcher in several important characteristics be available, as the researcher, a source of confidence when writing the original scientific research, including the following:-

1- on the researcher to be all they want when writing scientific research, is to get the PERFECTION and search in different ways and distinct, and to avoid the attention only to get the certificate, but always keen on reviews of scientific research in ways that are true and clear.

2- The SCHOLAR is not arrogance when dealing with others.

3- The away the researcher arrogance in the writing of the search. The researcher must expand the chest, and be open to all criticism from others. The researcher is the ability to link words and phrases correctly, and reviews the punctuation correct form.

4-  wordplay is essential for the researcher to enjoy.

5- to be balance between the ideas that are being written, and the use of the balances.

6- that have a high ability in the writing of the results and conclusion.

7- must be available and passion for the interior to the researcher in the reviews in question, which must be written.

8- have broad knowledge of the researcher and all the information the researcher.

9- have large capacity and high in reviews all topics in ways that are arranged.

10- The researcher must traditionalism of all personal ideas and opinions in the reviews of scientific research.

11- The researcher must avoid deriding the others.

12- The researcher must benign characteristics, such as patience ,where the researcher must be patient because it is back to the sources and references which is written.

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