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Thesis Writing and Online Dissertation

Thesis Writing and Online Dissertation
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Thesis Writing and Online Dissertation

 The Importance of Thesis Writing 

1. The process of thesis writing urges the researchers to rely on themselves as well as provide them the patience they need to write such a good thesis.

2. Informing the researchers on the books and sources related to the subject of thesis.

3. Working to strengthen the bonds between the researchers and the library.

4. The writing of thesis according to the steps arranged encourages the researchers to love reading because reading is very important in controlling the same behavior of the researchers, according to the valuable information that the researchers deserve.

5. The steps required to write thesis writing make the researchers in-depth in the field of specialization; because the writing of thesis writing requires the researchers to read.

 Objectives of Doctoral Thesis: 

The objectives of Doctoral thesis vary depending on the type of thesis and the desired results.

1. Reaching the facts: New facts and information are inferred through Doctoral thesis and investigation of a particular phenomenon or problem based on reliable information.

2. Scientific Interpretation: It is often the solution of a problem or the prediction of a particular phenomenon through the precise description of the phenomenon or the correct scientific explanation for its occurrence.

3. Forecasting the Future: It is based on science and methodology to ensure that certain future information is reached with proper scientific research

4. Suggest solutions to a specific problem: This is done through the study of the problem, the imposition of hypotheses, correct scientific observation and accurate measurement to reach scientific solutions based on scientific basis based on experimentation and conclusion.

5. Innovation and Invention: Modern machines and inventions require careful design based on science and based on a set of scientific research that enables the researcher to reach new and innovative results.

6. Access to Science and Knowledge: Doctoral thesis is the source of knowledge that develops from human skills and the consequent development of his life in various areas of life.

 How to Get an Online Dissertation? 

Firstly, it is significant to mention that the dissertation has more than one definition. The dissertation is an organized written work to obtain information and data from reliable and different sources and analyze them through a specific method in order to obtain laws, principles or theories to reach particular results regarding to the problem of the dissertation.

Thus, writing a dissertation is considered as a way to find a solution to a particular problem, or to find new facts through accurate information reached by the researchers experiments and discovery processes.

The researchers of the dissertation obtain knowledge through a scientific method of research based on a structured method of observation, information notation, interpretation of phenomena and formation of hypotheses.

In order to get an online dissertation regarding the issue, the researchers search for online websites that make the researchers exposure to several dissertations hat provide them the necessary information and data to write their dissertation well. The researchers get online dissertation on Google Scholar, Theses Canada Portal, Open Access Theses and Dissertations, Worldwide ETD Index and EThOS.

 Conditions for Writing a Good Thesis 

1. Modernity and originality: The good thesis is characterized by modernity and originality in the sense that the subject of the thesis is not addressed by any researcher before, unless the researchers want to add amendments to the previous theses and develop new results different from the results of the previous theses.

2. Realism: The subject of the good thesis must be realistic and tangible linked to reality in which the researchers can collect information and apply it to finally analyze it.

3. Honesty: The researchers should adhere to the scientific honesty and write down the references and sources that they used to conduct the good thesis and write it down properly so that the reader can access it easily.

4. Objectivity: The researchers should take into account the avoidance of personal and record the results as obtained from the ground.

5. Meditation of language: The terms of the good thesis should be characterized by the correct spelling and grammatical language, clear terminology known and away from ambiguity. In addition, the terms used in the good thesis should be characterized by mediation in order to avoid distracting the readers or leading them to a flaw in the meaning. Thus, the language should be attractive and smooth to avoid the readers’ misunderstanding.

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