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How to select the best references?

How to select the best references?
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How to select the best references?

Nations do not advance and ancient universities do not advance except with many scientific researches, and the proliferation of research in the most prestigious scientific fields, so scientific research is a measure of the progress of nations and a sign of their progress, and the proliferation of original, complete, integrated research indicates that society is an advanced and developed society, as it depends on the promotion of professors and access the title of accredited professor depends on the degree and validity of the research published.

As the Internet provides great opportunities and facilities in facilitating the writing of scientific research, and the ease of retrieval and writing of scientific research, the Internet contains huge collection of data and this collection is full of useful books and journals and information-rich research, and that includes the presence of billions of pages on the Internet and the search process is easy and done in a professional manner for ease retrieving of information in simple ways and obtaining the required information in an easy way within a short and limited period of time.

 Research references search 

Before presenting what is research references search (obtaining research references), it is important to understand what is research references, and then we will go to research references search (obtaining research references):

Research references are the source of data where the researcher gets his information in the process of obtaining research references to conduct his research. This may include books, Articles, thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis).

 How to find sources and references: 

To search for sources and references, the researcher should know that there are several criteria for their arrangement and classification in the library:

  1. The standard subject matter of the document.

  2. Standard author name.

  3. Sorted by date.

  4. The issue of novelty and modernity.

  5. And in each library there are many indexes, including:

  6. Book index.
  7. An index for subject titles (law - history - geography ...).
  8. A special index of authors' names.

 What are the most important research references? 

There are many types of research references including books, Articles, and thesis (master thesis & PHD thesis). Giving the importance of Articles, and thesis (master thesis & PHD thesis), we will talk in details about these types of research references:

Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis)

Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) are a great source for research references. Where thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) are available in many subjects. Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) can help the researcher gather the needed information to support his research. Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) should be used as a main source of research references, since Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) provide the researcher with a basis to conduct the research.

The researcher may use Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) to identify how other researchers have conducted their Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis). Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) as a research references are also useful in enabling the researcher to understand how previous researcher has addressed their research. Thesis (master thesis or PHD thesis) as research references are also useful in enabling the researcher to avoid mistakes conducted by previous researchers.


Definition of the scientific Articles

Scientific Articles: one of the arts of Articles writing. It is a scientific prose piece that revolves around a scientific subject specialized in a specific field such as medicine, biology, engineering, geology, and others. Of appropriate length, written in a direct and clear manner by specialists in the field. While preserving its scientific nature, which clarifies the writer's ideas and style of writing. It often contributes to clarifying a discovery in the scientific field in which it specializes, or offers a study of something new, which was not previously discussed.

Characteristics of writing a scientific Articles

Writing scientific Articles is characterized by a number of characteristics as the following:

  • It deals with a scientific subject in one of the branches of knowledge and scientific studies. And it works to clarify scientific facts in one aspect.
  • It is mainly based on a set of scientific studies recognized by specialized researchers.
  • It depends on the direct method in the language and the accuracy in choosing the words. With the distance from elegance and linguistic enhancements, except for necessity and sometimes to achieve the element of suspense.
  • The right size is smaller than research and the book. It covers a specific idea without being overly prolonged or stuffed.
  • Objectivity, the scientific Articles as research references is impersonal. And there is no need for the writer's personality and personal opinions to appear in him except in a scientific manner.
  • The scientific Articles is one of the most important means of development and modernization in scientific knowledge and research.

Types of scientific Articles

The scientific Articles as part of research references vary according to the specialty and the studied scientific field. Among the most important types of scientific Articles are the following:

Theoretical scientific Articles:

Among the most important types of scientific Articles and widely used in research references, it is distinguished that it discusses a scientific theory and studies it fully. In it the researcher explains the theory objectively, addresses the means of its discovery and analyzes its results and practical applications.

Research studies:

This type of Articles is often in the university academic community. For example, to present a master thesis or PHD thesis. It is published in the form of scientific research Articles for the university or institution in which it was conducted.

The researcher deals with a scientific thesis previously discussed at the institution. This type is highly relied on by researchers and graduate students as reliable and practical scientific research references in their fields of specialization.

Systematic Articles:

This type of scientific Articles has the advantage of adopting a clear methodology in scientific research. It also specializes precisely in one of the scientific aspects, depending on a variety of sources.

This type is preferred by many university professors as a template for Articles they use in their teaching curriculum to train students on the scientific methodology in research

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