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Designing a creative questionnaire

Designing a creative questionnaire
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Designing a creative questionnaire

 How do you create a questionnaire question? 

In order for the questionnaire designer to write the questions that must be included in the questionnaire correctly, the questionnaire designer must take into account the following steps:

  1. The questionnaire designer must write the questions appropriate to the cultural and social level of the person answering the questionnaire.
  2. The questionnaire designer must formulate the questionnaire questions in a simple, clear, easy, understandable and direct manner.
  3. The questionnaire designer must follow the questionnaire in a logical sequence, so that there is a consistency and consistency between each question and the following questionnaire questions so that the person answering the questionnaire can organize his thoughts, and he is not confused or distracted mental and intellectual.
  4. The questionnaire designer must make the question include one idea, and this idea must be clear and understandable, so that the answer is really related to this idea, and therefore the results of the questionnaire questions can be obtained in an accurate way.
  5. The questionnaire designer does not write open questions unless the research requirements call for this, because open questions require a lot of effort in the analysis process. In the case that the questionnaire designer uses open questions, consider that you do not need long answers, and that those who answer the questions of the question requires a hard-intellectual effort.

 How do you write a questionnaire for a research? 

Specialists in writing the questionnaire of various kinds have established the basic rules for writing the questionnaire in order to help individuals write the questionnaire and achieve the desired results from writing the questionnaire. Writing the questionnaire is that the questionnaire designer knows the correct steps of the questionnaire. The steps to write the questionnaire correctly are as follows:

  1. Determine the objectives of the questionnaire and the points covered.
  2. There is no doubt that in order to obtain a good questionnaire the purpose of it must be clearly defined.
  3. Write the questionnaire: After the questionnaire designer has clearly and precisely defined the purpose of it, it is the turn of the questionnaire writing. It should be noted that there are two types of questionnaire: the free or open-ended questionnaire, which depends on the participant writing his opinion completely freely and this type is useful in the event that the persons who will participate are not identified. The second type is the questionnaire restricted or closed form and depends on asking many questions that have many answers and one or several options are chosen and the questionnaire is written through the following steps:
  • Determine the areas that the questionnaire will address.
  • Formulate questions that achieve the goal of the questionnaire.
  • Do a preliminary study of the questionnaire.
  • Show the questionnaire to those who have experience in this field before adopting it.
  • Determine the validity and reliability of the questionnaire by means of statistics.
  • It is best to limit the survey time to no more than a quarter of an hour for the type that is individually filled out, and half an hour for the group survey. It is also better to choose the questions of the questionnaire that are in the simplest form while maintaining their meaning.

 What are the types of questionnaire? 

The questionnaire has different types, including:

  1. Closed Questionnaire: This is a questionnaire that deals with objective questions, that is, questions with a specific answer, such as true and false questions, or multiple-choice questions.
  2. The essay questionnaire: It is a questionnaire in which the answers are not limited to a specific word or phrase, and essay questions are divided into two types. The first type, it is codified essay questions, and the answer to it is brief. The second type is open essay questions, in which the sample is given the opportunity to talk about the answer freely and adequately, as are the suggestions that must be followed to get rid of the problem of unemployment.
  3. Closed pans questionnaire: It is a questionnaire that contains the previous two types. The questions in this type of questionnaire are varied, and this is useful for gathering information and obtaining better results. Questionnaires often, some of his questions require specific answers, others require open answers, and this type of questionnaire is called multiple questionnaire.
  4. The questionnaire with pictures: It is a questionnaire in which the choices for answering are in the form of pictures, and this is used from the questionnaire when the sample is composed of illiterate people or young children.
  5. Online Questionnaire: It is the questionnaire that is placed on a website, and the sample is asked to visit the website, by answering the questionnaire questions electronically. This questionnaire is newer than previous questionnaires, and it is less expensive, and it saves time and effort.

 What are the 4 types of qualitative research? 

There is no doubt that qualitative research has many types, the types of qualitative research depend on the method followed by researchers in order to collect information and data that must be included in scientific research. Hence, we can say that there are 4 types of qualitative research. The types of qualitative research are as follows:

  1. Qualitative research based on observation: It is a process that scientific researchers use to collect information and data from its first source, and it is to observe the individuals who obtain information from them, and they are the individuals who are interested in the subject of scientific research.
  2. Qualitative research that depends on interviews: Through which scientific researchers direct general and open-ended questions to help them understand the phenomenon of scientific research.
  3. Qualitative research that depends on analyzing documents and records: The documents and records used are either official or personal. They indicate the identification of the respondents' language.
  4. Qualitative research that depends on audio-visual materials: These audiovisual materials are the sounds, images, videos, drawings and movies.

 What are the 5 types of research design? 

  1. Descriptive Research Design: In the descriptive research design, the researchers are solely interested in the process of describing the situation or the case under their research study. The descriptive research design is a theory-based research design which is created by gathering, analyzing and presenting the collected data.
  2. Experimental Research Design: the experimental research design is used to build a relationship between the cause and effect of a specific situation. The experimental research is a causal research design where the effect caused by the independent variable on the dependent variable is noticed.
  3. Correlational Research Design: correlational research is a non-experimental research design technique which helps researchers to build a relationship between such two closely connected variables.
  4. Diagnostic Research Design: In the diagnostic research design, the researchers inclined towards evaluating the root cause of such a specific topic. The diagnostic research design has three parts which are inception of the issue, diagnosis of the issue, and solution for the issue.
  5. Explanatory Research Design: In the exploratory research design, the ideas and thoughts of the researchers are key as this exploratory research design does primarily depend on the personal inclination of the researchers about a particular topic.

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