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Essay proofreading and editing

Essay proofreading and editing
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Essay proofreading and editing

 What are the common mistakes made by the essay proofreader? 

There is a large set of common errors that the essay proofreader makes, and the most prominent of these errors:

  1. One of the most common mistakes that the essay proofreader makes is the inability to distinguish between tied and distracted T, which is one of the most common mistakes. The main reason that the essay proofreader makes this mistake is his weakness in the Arabic language, and the lack of awareness of the spelling rule for this issue.
  2. The most common mistake made by the essay proofreader is not to distinguish between the comma and apostrophe. One of the most important mistakes in a linguistic debugger is not distinguishing between the comma and apostrophe which each of them has its own use.
  3. The error in putting punctuation marks, and this error is one of the most important mistakes that the language checker finds in texts. The reason for these errors is due to the person's lack of knowledge of the rules of punctuation, when the proofreader should place a comma, and when he should put a full-stop.

 Benefits of editing services 

There is no doubt that editing services have many benefits, including:

  1. Through editing services, the writer writes a sound work that is free from linguistic, spelling, and grammatical errors.
  2. Through editing services, the writer avoids critical if a work writing defect is discovered.
  3. Through editing services, it provides ample job opportunities for editors and writers.
  4. Through editing services, the editors contribute more knowledge about the language in which the work is written.
  5. Through editing services, the language of the writer and the researcher develops, which makes it more powerful in the upcoming writings.

It can be said that the person providing editing services needs patience, skill, experience, as well as familiarity with Arabic grammar or language grammar that makes the translator check it.

 What is the importance of English proofreading? 

English proofreading has a major role in scientific research. The role of scientific linguistic correction will not be less important than any paragraph in scientific research, therefore the researcher must make the English proofreading of his scientific research after he has finished it.

The English proofreading is defined as a scientific work based on protecting the language of English from errors that the researcher or writer may make, whether these errors are in structures, vocabulary, phrases or methods.

The English proofreading is also defined as removing defects and errors from speech, whether these defects are present in the composition, syntax, or punctuation marks, so that the text is linguistically sound, and free from any error that may alter the meanings.

 What skills do I need in the proofreader to proofread my essay? 

In order to be a successful proofreader, he must perform a set of elements and skills. Among the most prominent of these elements are:

  1. In order for the proofreader to be a successful proofreader, the proofreader must be familiar with the language in which the proofreader is fully informed, able to know it, and know all of its secrets and secrets. The proofreader must also be familiar with all grammatical, spelling and linguistic rules.
  2. The proofreader must also be fully aware of the field in which the proofreader is correcting, in order for him to understand the phrases written by the researcher.
  3. In order for the proofreader to be a successful one, the proofreader must have observation and strength of focus. In order for the proofreader to be a successful, the proofreader must be able to discover errors, no matter how small or accurate.
  4. The corrector who performs the correction process must also be calm, as the proofreader must make sure that the errors that the proofreader proofreads are correct. Thus, the proofreader should not judge these errors very quickly.
  5. The proofreader should also acquire a set of resources and references related to the language that the proofreader proofreads.

 What is the importance of editing? 

Editing is of great importance. The importance of editing lies in a number of things points as follows:

  1. Editing is a practical profession. The person who edits the written work linguistically maintains the language and its integrity by purifying the researches and texts from all the errors that could be made by writers or researchers.
  2. The editing plays a big role in preserving the Arabic language from the spread of faults and errors in it, because wrong writings, if they remain, this means that they will spread among people. Readers may make the same mistakes when using the words the writer mistook.
  3. Through editing, the Arabic language is evaluated, and the researcher knows the mistakes that occurred. Thus, the researchers are able to get away from the mistakes related to the process of editing and avoid them in the coming times.
  4. Editing contributes to preserving the nation’s identity in international meetings, seminars, conferences and forums.
  5. Through editing, a distinction is made between good speech from bad speech, and good sentences from sentences that have no benefit.

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