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Ways to get creative research paper formatting

Ways to get creative research paper formatting
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Ways to get creative research paper formatting

 What is the importance of scientific paper formatting? 

The process of paper formatting with the Word program is one of the most important things that every researcher should be aware of when writing a scientific paper. Also, the scientific paper has to abide by these rules, due to its importance and because it reaches the message that the researcher is writing.

The researcher must also make sure that the research paper that the researcher wrote meets all the conditions set for formatting scientific paper with flowers, before the researcher takes the scientific paper to print.

The process of formatting scientific paper passes a set of steps, including:

  1. Choose a distinct title for the study. In addition to writing a strong summary, thus ensuring the proper scientific arrangement for research and the scientific paper. 
  2. The scientific researcher must also pay attention to the methodology and clarity of the study, then write a distinct conclusion that summarizes the results of the study and its importance.
  3. A good researcher will finally prepare the scientific paper according to the template for the publication journal to be chosen.

 The basics that the researchers should follow in research paper formatting: 

  • The researcher should write his thesis, with a 12th font, and Times new roman type.
  • The researcher should write the section titles in the middle, using an 18-inch font.
  • Headlines should be in bold and 16.
  • The researcher should write the sub-titles directly under the main headings, using bold, and the measurement used should be 14.
  • Side addresses: The researcher should write them in bold and size 12.
  • The title of the tables should be placed by the researcher at the top of the table, and the bold and scale 12 should be used in writing it.
  • The title of the figures should be placed by the researcher at the bottom of the table, and they must write them in bold and 12.
  • The researcher must make the space between the lines two spaces before the scientific research is judged, in order to add any notes given to it by the discussion committee, and then reduce the distance to one space in the final version of the research, which he prepares for printing.
  • Margins in English should be 2 cm to the right of the page, and 3 cm to the left of the page.
  • Margins in Arabic should be 3 cm from the right of the page, 3 cm from the left of the page.
  • Pagination in the Arabic language should be in the upper left corner, and this is in case the scientific research is printed on one side, but if it is printed on two sides, the numbering is at the bottom and middle of the page.
  • Page numbering in the English language is in the upper right corner, and if it is printed in two directions, the numbering is at the bottom and middle of the page.

 Guidance for the scientific researcher on how to get good research format for figures 

  1. The researcher must mention the number of figures and refer to them in the body of the page, and this is done by placing a serial number for each shape in parentheses.
  2. All graphs and optical images are included in the scientific research section.
  3. The researcher should put the shape closer to the place where he mentioned it in the research paper, and be numbered by writing the word for a shape and then specifying its number, and then writing the title of the shape.
  4. The researcher will number the shapes pages in the research sequentially with the rest of the pages of the research paper.
  5. As for the tables, the researcher must mention the table number and explain it in the body of the research, where the researcher places the table at the nearest place mentioned in it, and in the above writes a table and the address and number.

 The importance of essay format 

There is no doubt that essay writing is not an easy task, because the correct academic writing process for the essay involves essay formatting in a good scientific manner. It can be said that there is a great importance to coordinate the article according to the correct scientific method. This importance is represented by the following points:

The correct essay format leaves a good impression to the supervisor about the researcher's ability to write the correct scientific writing.

The essay formatting of the article in a good scientific manner has a role in raising the degree of the scientific researcher in his scientific certificate and that the marks are distributed equally on the writing and the subject that was written about the research as well as the essay formatting that was written.

Essay formatting in a good scientific manner makes it easier for the scientific researcher to refer to the information that he would like to be audited or reviewed by a final review before submitting the essay to the supervisor.

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