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What are the top student programs?

What are the top student programs?
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What are the top student programs?

 What is the Student Exchange Program? 

The Student Exchange Program in general is a program in which high school and university students choose to study abroad in partner educational institutions. The term “student exchange” and “study abroad” is used in a coherent manner, but studying abroad involves the student completing all his academic years, and that his studies are not in partner institutions as is the case with student exchange.

The student who joined the exchange program will go to the partner university of his institution in his home country. The student exchange program does not necessarily require the student to go outside his country. Rather, there can be a program of exchange within the continent or region, and this is called the National Student Exchange Program.

 What is the goal of foreign Student Exchange Program? 

Foreign Student Exchange Program became popular after the Second World War. The goal of foreign Student Exchange Program is to help the participants gain an understanding and tolerance of other cultures. In addition, the goal of foreign Student Exchange Program is to improve their language skills and broaden their social horizons.

Which organizations offer programs for student exchange at different universities around the world?


AIESEC is among the best providers of student exchange opportunities, a non-profit organization run by young people in the world. The organization offers its activities in more than 2,400 universities in 126 countries around the world, and in the Arab countries.

It is an organization that believes in the role of youth in changing the world, and helps them to find opportunities to develop leadership and management skills. It is also keen to avoid political, ethnic and ideological differences, trying to find common points between students from different countries and different cultures to achieve the meaning of peace and humanity.

In Egypt. For example, 17,000 public and private university students traveled abroad within the ISIC programs.

  • Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program

AMIDEAST is one of five organizations that have joined together to manage a component of the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program, and this grant program, funded by the US Department of State. It provides high school students in 40 countries spanning the Middle East, Africa, South / Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America the opportunity to live and study in the United States for a full academic year.

This experience includes community service, youth leadership training, a civic education program, and other activities that help them develop a comprehensive understanding of American culture and develop leadership skills. Likewise, these students serve as cultural ambassadors for their country, and represent their rich heritage for American host societies.

  • Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSIs) for Student Leaders

It is an intensive program aimed at enriching leaders of Egyptian university students with a deeper understanding of the United States of America, as well as enhancing their leadership skills.

It is a cultural exchange grant for Egyptian university students for a period of 5 weeks in the United States of America during the summer period in June and July, provided by the American State Department, and organized by the American Embassy. During this period, the program will consist of many discussions, presentations and lectures, as well as alongside these activities, an opportunity will be provided to travel to other states and volunteer with various activities.

  • World Heritage

This organization seeks to provide student exchange opportunities around the world with encouragement and support to increase harmony among the world's youth in various international universities. This is done through student travel and the ability to learn about different cultures and make friends with other people through coexistence in a different experience in which the student learns to develop his personal, practical and academic skills.

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