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How to write a Literature Review

  How to write a Literature Review
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Literature Review can convince the research evaluators of the research quality.by reviewing the difference between the research and the previous studies, addressing the gaps and negatives and summarizing the Literature Review. Also, it has a big role in giving an impression of the researcher's understanding of his study.

Literature Review must be acceptable, documented, credible and related to the topic. It is important for the researcher to seek the assistance of Literature Review (previous study) closely related to the content of the paper. He must make sure that the related Literature Review (previous study) are somehow new not outdated.

Researcher must summarize what he found from the Literature Review (previous study), clarify the nature of the study and the most important findings related to the topic, so that he can discuss them and provide evidence that supports his point of view.

 How to make a Literature Review (previous study) that fits the research topic? 

Some researchers get so confused while choosing Literature Review that are related to the topic of the study, and we will simply clarify How to write a Literature Review? in this article.

For example, if the topic of the scientific paper talks about: (Economic Problems in Egypt), The previous studies will focus on the negatives and the obstacles of the economic growth in Egypt, so literature review topics could be: (Economy Delayed Growth in Egypt), (The problems of the Egyptian economy in the third millennium), and (How to advance the economy in Egypt) ... etc.,

From what we have chosen for examples, we can see that the focus of the Literature Review (previous study) is the main scientific paper variable, which is the problems of the Egyptian economy.

 Literature Review size and order 

The size of each Literature Review promoted by the researcher in the body of the paper should not exceed half a page, so it is necessary to shorten it as much as possible. In most cases, the Literature Review part is the second chapter of the theoretical framework but some researchers prefer to put it in a separate chapter.

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 How can we document Literature review in the research? 

The method of documenting Literature Review in the study requires a set of procedures, and we will explain them as below:

Method of writing Literature Review:

To write a previous study in the literature review you must clarify the study subject, the main objectives and the results. At the end, you must add your comments about Literature Review (previous study).

The order of the Literature Review:

The Literature Review that the researcher used are historically arranged from the most recent to the oldest, and this is the most famous way in ordering Literature Review However, there are other methods to present Literature Review such as: Ranking based on the degree of relevance to the subject of study, as well as according to the similarity of the scientific method used ... etc.

Form for documenting Literature Review in the research:

  • Name of the researcher …………., The subject of the paper and authored year …………… ..
  • The problem of the study or the subject of the study is …………………………………… ..
  • The study aims to ……., Or the researcher sought to test hypotheses represented in …………
  • The results were as follows: …………………… ..
  • Researcher’s comment: In that part, the researcher shows the negatives or positives of the previous study, and how it differs from the currently presented researcher.

An example of documenting Literature Review in the research:

The study of the researcher: Muhammad Esa

 The subject of the research: The Effect of strategic management on the performance of Iron and Steel Company,2019

The researcher several hypotheses in Literature Review:

  • The influence of strategic management on the development of the iron and steel company.
  • The effect of government laws on the performance of the Iron and Steel Company.
  • The effect of manpower on the productivity of the iron and steel company.

Results: The results showed that there is a positive relationship between the influence of strategic management in advancing production in Iron and Steel Company. Moreover, there is a negative relationship between some laws and legislations issued on performance, also a positive impact was obvious of labor on the total productivity of the company.

Comment: The statistical significance of the impact of labor on the productivity of Iron and Steel Company was not accurate. The researcher consumes a very limited sample of workers.

Mistakes Researchers Make While Writing the Literature Review

  1. Some researchers follow previous traditional methods in presenting Literature Review (previous study), such as determining the quantity, the similarities and differences of their paper with Literature Review (previous study), and they are satisfied with that with what is considered wrong, they must be more creative and stay up to date.
  2. Some researchers believe that presenting Literature Review (previous study) in some kind of detail is considered a mistake and a departure from the original topic.
  3.  Some researchers deal with Literature Review (previous study) with negligence due to its length or lack of importance, and that’ may not let them be able to accurately determine their methodology or problem.

 How to achieve maximum benefit from Literature Review 

  1. The researcher must follow a kind of ranking while screening Literature Review (previous study). He must give priority to those Literature Review that are similar to his study and related to the topic in terms of problem and methodology, then those Literature Review (previous study) that are similar to his study in terms of the problem only or only methodology.
  2. Relevancy and consistency must be taken into account when presenting Literature Review (previous study).
  3. The Literature Review (previous study) are considered to be the point where the researcher can start his studies and therefore the researcher must arrange Literature Review (previous study) so that they lead him to the beginning of his study.
  4. The researcher must show the shortcomings of the Literature Review and the importance of his paper in treating the deficiencies of those Literature Review.

In conclusion, we hope that we have answered the question that we asked at the beginning of the article, which was “How to write a Literature Review (previous study)?”

 video: How To Write A Literature Review In 3 Simple Steps 


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