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Tips and techniques for rewriting process

Tips and techniques for rewriting process
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 What is rewriting process? 

The simply definition of rewriting process is that is the process of write again. Thus, the rewriting process means to change more than %60 of the original document/text. Rewriting process may need to re-arrange paragraphs of document, deleting some of document paragraphs. And also, may need to reforming paragraphs. That’s also, lead to improve flow paragraph’s document and continuity. Pay attention that rewriting process of document is as almost as extensive writing itself.

 What is the difference between writing and rewriting? 

Writing document process and rewriting document process are not the same, they are two different process. You can identify writing document process as a first draft of thinking/idea, writing process may define that you have just to write. In another word, writing document process is the process of forming letters, symbols, or words in a paper/ document to communicate.

In opposite site, the writing document process often includes changing word/paragraph sequences and tightening the flow, correcting punctuation, and even creating new paragraph break.

Generally, nobody can get the a completely document from the first try. That declares why writers go back to their writing documents many times and rework on it. That’s because to get more sense, more presentable, and clearer writing documents to their readers.

 Why rewriting document process is important? 

Rewetting your document process is a very important process to catch your reader’s attention. Rewriting document process is an essential and necessary part to make your document the best it can be. In general, writing document process is often includes a lot of mistakes, without rewriting all you have write in a document is a mess. So, the art of writing is rewriting.

Over many times of rewriting document process, you will ensue that the structure and language of your writing document process. That lead your document make sense and you will also improve your document to be more readable and presentable. 

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 The four major techniques of rewriting document process 

There are four techniques for rewriting your document process which are:

  1. Move around information of a document
  2. Delete dead words exists in a document
  3. Enhance the tone of the document content
  4. For clarity, add any missing required details

 Tips to rewriting your document process 

  1. Take a little time break when you start process of rewriting document, that will give you a new vision and idea
  2. Break you rewriting work process and then put it back together.
  3. Show you to be someone else.
  4. Get feedback about your rewriting document process from another writer.
  5. Try to find a balance, so do not spend a lot of time in problem area of rewriting document process.
  6. Look for parts/paragraphs that need rephrasing.
  7. As you move into the more polished work of rewriting document process, read the text aloud.
  8. Print a hard copy of your document, that will give you a space to take notes.

 What is academic writing process? 

Academic writing process is a scholarly writing process and it is a part of academic work. And also, academic writing process is a nonfiction writing.

As an example of academic writing process, the academic reports from university research. In addition to academic writing, that scholarly writing which analyze culture and propose new theories. And writing produced by students in university is also an example of academic writing process.

 Purpose of academic writing process 

The most common purpose of academic writing is to research finding and to explain some ideas. And also, to persuade your readers that is your theory is the correct one.

In every case of academic writing, you may need to support your information with some illustrations, charts and statistics to achieve your goal.

 Features and characteristics of academic writing  

First, academic writing is clear and concise

Second, academic writing is planned and focused academic writing

Third, academic writing is formal in tone and style

Forth, academic writing is evidenced

Fifth, academic writing is a structured writing

Sixth, academic writing is accuracy

 Do and do not doing in academic writing  

Many writers want to know what should they do and what should the do not in writing their academic documents.

In this paragraph, you will know what to do and what to do not in writing your academic document.

           What to do                                                                 What do not do

  • Using formal language                                       do not use sexist language
  • Use full form verb                                              do not use shorthand verb form
  • Use appropriate connectors                       Do not use conversational   and introductory phrases                                                    opening phrases
  • Leave out I think                                                     do not use I think
  • Be non-personal                                                      do not use personal pronoun
  • Explain main ideas clearly                               do not use sweep generalization
  • Be objective                                                            do not use assumptions
  • Use words for numbers nine                                      Do not mix words and numbers and below and numbers for 10 and above.                 unsystematically.

 Steps to write academic writing 

There are many essential steps to write your academic paper:

  • Select your interested idea, if you do not have an idea yet, then search on internet to find one.
  • Do more research about your idea and record sources and outlines.
  • Plan your academic document and make the outline.
  • Write the first draft of your academic document/paper
  • Revise the first draft above and edit it to improve your document.
  • Apply rewriting process to get the best result of your academic paper.
  • Proofread your final draft writing document before print it.

Importance of academic writing style

In university, you will need an academic writing style for most assignments. Which the academic writing style is one of the following styles:

  1. Formal: avoid common, colloquial or spoken language such as:
  2. words like ‘stuff’, ’really’ and ‘things’
  3. phrases like ‘a bit’ and ‘sort of’
  4. sentence fragments and contractions including ‘isn’t’, ‘didn’t’, ‘couldn’t’, ‘wouldn’t’ and ‘it’ll’

It is better to say ‘for example,’ using questions – try to structure your point as a full sentence.

  • Objective: This means standing back from your own ideas, perspective, assumptions and beliefs.There are some ways to remains objective in your writing which are:
  • critique your own work as well as others’
  • write in neutral or impersonal style
  • avoid using the pronoun ‘I’
  • include material you disagree with or that challenges your work

using above ways to demonstrate you’ve engaged objectively with all of your source material. This means standing back from your own ideas, perspective, assumptions and beliefs.

  • Impersonal: write in an impartial style and you should use an impersonal style in your essays and reports.
  • Succinct: means you have to be not too wordy. Readers who reading your assignment need to understand exactly what you mean, in as few words as possible. You’ll need to actively decide what to keep and what to cut from your assessment to make sure you’ve included all necessary information and detail.
  • Cautious: because the academic writing discusses complex knowledge, it is usually cautious. Be cautious to use these words in your academic writing: possibly, probably, likely, seems, may and could.

And think carefully about using words like ‘definitely’ which suggest now room for debate around a statement.


  • The basic purpose for academic writing is communication
  • The academic writing is the window to show your thoughts
  • Look at yourself as an active learner and an interpreter for information that comes in your way.
  • Writing academic paper in your own words is a creation.

 Video: 5 Steps of the Academic Writing Process | Scribbr 


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