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What is the purpose of rewriting

What is the purpose of rewriting
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 Concept of rewriting process 

 What is a rewriting process? And what is the writing process? Is the writing process the same as rewriting process? In this article, you will identify the writing process and rewriting process and what principles are there in rewriting process? Rewriting process is an art of writing process of writing documents/ papers and also rewriting is the essence of well-writing. Rewriting process may include changing words, cutting a section that is unnecessary, deleting/ reforming paragraph or rearranging paragraphs from a document/ paper.  When you have finished from writing the first draft of your document/ paper. so, you can start of the process of rewriting your document/ paper.

 Rewriting process principles 

Principles are those steps and points which polish and refine your writing to be clearer and more understandable. That’s mean polish comes from rewriting process. Here are ten points which help you to make your rewriting work for your document/ paper presentable and be very well.

  1. Using spellchecker in MS word in your computer. It is a good way to start rewriting your document/ paper because using spellchecker is the simplest way to use. It is not a perfect tool but also it helps you especially when you write document/ paper for the first time and does not take time.
  2. Removing unnecessary words and phrasing from document/ paper. use original words and phrases because strong writing and rewriting processes have originality roots.
  3. Using active voice in writing rather than passive voice: this is a very important principle especially for the beginner writers. Using active voice make your writing document/ paper more reality.
  4. Learning basics of grammar, punctuation and syntax. The purpose of writing is to transfer your ideas and thoughts to your readers. So, use correct and accurate punctuation to get your goal of writing document/ paper.
  5. Clearly describing be using verbs and nouns in your document/ paper
  6. Be careful to use repetition words or phrases: that’s because using more repetitions switches off attention.
  7. Do not embarrass yourself and only submit your best work
  8. Think about what you have written and cut unnecessary section, words, phrases and etc. trust that the reader will understand your written document/ paper.
  9. Using ‘said’ in dialogue attribution for the most part in your writing
  10. Go back to the first point and follow these points again until you do your best in writing.

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 Importance of rewriting process 

The rewriting process is essential for any writing process for a document or a paper. that’s because rewriting process make your writing document/ paper clearer. Rewriting is also essential when you write your document/ paper for the first time.

Is rewriting process important for the writing process?

The answer for this question is Yes, the rewriting process is essential for the writing process. Main purpose of rewriting process in writing process is to make your writing document/ paper understandable by readers. That’s because rewriting fix errors and lose meanings if they exist especially when you write your document/ paper for the first time or work on creative writing.

 What is rewriting process in academic writing? 

Academic writing is the writing process of any academic document, paper, thesis or any type of writing which usually required when you study in a university. Whatever thing you write also needs rewrite. For example, documents, paper, academic reports, dissertation, articles, website content and others more. But academic writing is a special type of writing because it needs more skills and knowledge to make a good writing content. Academic writing also needs rewriting to write the required academic document/ paper in the best way. Rewriting process in academic writing may change about 60% of the written academic content of academic document/ paper. Also, rewriting in academic writing may require deleting paragraphs, reforming paragraphs and rearranging paragraphs in academic document/ paper.

 How rewriting process is differing from writing process? 

 Writing process is not a rewriting process, but you can say that writing process often needs a rewriting process. For the first you will write a document/ paper as a first draft of writing, then you will do some steps to see if there any errors or mistakes in the written first draft of document/ paper. This process of handling and fixing errors is called rewriting process.

You write the document/ paper first and then you may rewrite this document/ paper once, twice or more until you write the best you can write.

Steps to start rewriting process

In this paragraph, you will learn about the six steps to work on rewriting process of your document/ paper which are:

  1. Get a clear view of your writing document/ paper: you have to sit your work aside for a while and then read it as a reader to get clearer view if there are any mistakes, errors or wrong words using.
  2. Create your own outline of your writing document/ paper by reading your working writing process again with taking notes.
  3. Make your checklist and revise it for your document/ paper. Making checklist will help you to as a rewriting guide to fix problems if exist.
  4. Now write a new draft for your document/ paper by taking care about typed notes and solving any problems in the previous draft. Do the best writing you can do.
  5. Present your writing document/ paper to another trusted person to check the whole writing document/ paper and he will give you more advices to improve your writing.
  6. Gather all notes together to write a new draft of your document/ paper that fix and handle everything and check that you check your checklist and there is no more need for rewriting.

 What tips will make a rewriting process easier and effective? 

Here are some tips will help you in writing and rewriting processes:

  1. Leave your writing document/ paper for a time after finishing the first draft
  2. Divide your writing document/ paper into smaller sections then gather all divided sections together
  3. Pretend that you are another person who did not make this writing
  4. Present your work to another editor or writer to get feedback and advices
  5. If your writing document/ article has some paragraph with problems, then spend more time for those paragraphs to rewrite it again
  6. Look for sections that need paraphrasing and rewrite it
  7. Read your work aloud
  8. Make a hard copy of your writing document/ paper to review it another time


  • The first draft of your written document/ paper is for learning about what you want to say.
  • Maybe you will write many drafts and the fist of them may be terrible
  • As a writer, making rewriting process of your document/ paper, you will get better results.
  • Process of rewriting also defines as new draft of writing (written document/ paper) that is completely different from its previous writing draft.
  • Rewriting process takes more time from writing and also rewriting needs skill to do this process perfectly.
  • When you write a document/ paper, you need to rewrite, rewrite and more rewrite. It not an easy job.
  • Every time you make rewriting will make your written document/ paper a little better.
  • Writing process is important as it one of the communication skills that make the reader to understand your ideas and thoughts.
  • The key element for a good writing process is the rewriting process.​

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