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Is using Google translate cheating

Is using Google translate cheating
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 What is Google translate? 

Google translate is the most popular online software translator. In addition to, Google translate is a free translator and can translate between among more than 100 languages. The simplicity and easy to use feature/ advantage of translate texts and documents in Google translate make people prefer to use it as well as the fast feature of Google translate.

 How does Google translate work? 

The tool of Google translate is free and it called as a statistical machine translation service. In the other word, Google translate is a web-based translation because it being built its database from the translation documents that exists on the web. Also, the translation by Google translate depends on the typed language so, if the typed language is popular and commonly used then the translation of the language will be better. In the other side, if the typed language is rarely used then the translation of this language will be full of error and grammatical mistakes.

Finally, to make a language translation of any text/ document first open the internet explorer then search for Google translate and open it. Second put in the box the required text/ document to be translated then choose the source language then choose the target language. You can also listen to the typed text/ document also you can save the translated text/ document, copy text/ document and share the translated text/ document.translation

 Google translate advantages and disadvantages 

Any online software tool has its own advantages and disadvantage. Advantages is features that make the tool preferable to use. but disadvantages are something make tool not preferable to use.

For Google translate, there are advantages and disadvantages for using it which are:

Advantages of Google translate:

Advantages/ features of using Google translate tool are:

  • First advantage, Google translate is free online tool that’s mean you do not need google account to use Google translate
  • Second advantage, Google translate is fast which translate text, word or documents while typing
  • Third advantage, Google translate is capable to translate text, document or website content
  • Fourth advantage, in Google translate you can type the text, document to translate
  • Fifth advantage, Google translate allows you to copy text/ document, paste text/ document and save the translated text/ document
  • Sixth advantage, there are an audio pronunciation in Google translate for common languages
  • Seventh advantage, Google translate provide you a definition for any word needed

Disadvantages of Google translate:

As Google translate has advantages, it is also having disadvantages when use:

  • First disadvantage, Google translate translated texts/ documents literally so that, the meaning in many cases will be lost
  • Second disadvantage, there is no system in Google translate to correct mistakes of typed words and texts/ documents and also there is no way for error reporting to avoid repeated the same errors
  • Third disadvantage, the translation by Google translate depends on the language pair. So, the quality of translation depends on the language pair. That’s because Google translate database built by existing translation on the internet.
  • Fourth disadvantage, translation in Google translate do not take into account the grammatical rules in the translation process

 The best online translator 

There are a lot of an online translators rather than Google translate and here you will deal with the most of them

  • Bing Microsoft translator: Bing translator is another translation online tool that translates between among 60 languages. You can also translate texts or documents from one language to another. Another option in Bing translator that you can speak the text you need translated and then listen to the translated text by male or female voice.
  • Systran translator: Systran translator is a good online translator that include translation for 55 languages. Systran translator is a quick and easy to use translator. This Systran translator allows you to translate a text, document and words definitions from source language to target language.
  • DeepL translator: DeepL translator is the best online translator especially for the language pairs (English and Dutch). By using DeepL translator you can translate text or choose to translate document and PowerPoint documents files from one language to another. DeepL translator can translate between among 26 languages.
  • Reverso translator: Reverso translator is another software online tool for translation. This translation tool allows to use it by windows, Android and IOS platforms. Also, Reverso translator allows you to share translated text/ document with friends in Facebook, twitter and e-mail. 
  • Babylon online translator:  this is the best online translator that provide translation between 75 languages. In addition to, Babylon online translator has an advantage to translate by professional human translator by clicking the button on online translation page and you will be directed to this translation site.

 When to use Google translate? 

Now you know what is Google translate and what are advantages and disadvantages to use it. And how to use Google translate to translate word, phrases, texts and documents. You can use Google translate to help you to know what some words and phrases means. You can also use Google translate to know what a whole text or document means. But do not trust with the translation of the whole text, document because it is often containing errors of grammar and misspelling.

 Big problems to use Google translate 

Any online translator can be a better tool if you use it careful and honest. Bad translations which done by online translators happen for these reasons:

  1. Any online translator such as Google translate is not authentic. That means the real conversations is the exchange ideas and thoughts between you and the others. So, if you use online translator you will consume time and will not add anything to you.
  2.  Problem of cheating when using Google translate or another online translator. You are cheat yourself when make online translator do all your job. You think that save time will help you but you do not know that you will waste your time to learn something new or to use online translator to teach yourself.
  3. Often, the translation results from Google translate are not correct, grammatically incorrect. So, you need to practice yourself in words definitions and sentence structures.

When not recommended to use Google translate?

Using free online translators will save time and reduce cost. But there is a lot of disadvantages and dangerous to use these translators in the case of the translation of secure and confidential documents. That because translator like Google translate translated text/ document by using the existing translation on the internet. There are many reasons to not using Google translate in your work:

  1. Machine translator like Google translate are not ideal to translate confidential texts, documents.
  2. Many mistakes and grammatical errors may happen when translate texts/ documents with translator like Google translate.
  3. To use Google translate for huge text or for a document you need to connect with the internet.
  4. Oral translators cannot use Google translate to translate what the other say that’s because they need to type what the other say. This will consume time and give inaccurate translation especially in meetings and conferences.


  • There is no real comparison between the quality of translation of Google translate with experiences human translator (this is the best)
  • Avoid make mistakes on serious business documents translation
  • Do not use Google translate in business translation
  • You cannot just translate by Google translate but also you can learn a new language
  • Use Google translate translation service to help you, but not to do all the job 

 Video: anguage teachers step by step tutorial - How to work around Google Translate on Google Forms


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