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Can Google translate entire documents

Can Google translate entire documents
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Translation process is a transferring process which transfer words, texts, thoughts and habits from a source language to a target language. 

 How many options to do translation? 

There are two options for you to translate a document, text, website or others from source language to target language. Which are machine translation and human translation.

  • Human translation

In this option, the translation done by a professional translator person to translate document/ website/ text from source language to target language. Feature of this option that the translator takes into account the context, structure and language nuances of the translated text or document. Also, the professional translator involves other process after translation like proofreading and quality assurance.

  • Machine translation

In machine translation, you have an option to use any online translator software tool to do your translation. Here the translator online tools translate the text, document content from one language to another language by using artificial intelligence. For example, Google translate, DeepL translator, Bing Microsoft translate and many others. At machine translation, these online tools do not take context and structure into account and does not make proofreading.

 Google translate 

The concept of Google translate is an online software tool which can translates document, text, website content and others from source language to target language. Google translate is the most popular translation tool and it is fast and free tool that you can use it anywhere.

Features of Google translate

  1. Translate any word, text, phrase, website or document

  2. Google Translate images

  3. Translate speech voice

  4. You can copy, save or share the translated text, document or others

  5. Google translate work on Android and IOS platform

  6. Google translate can translate website contents

  7. Also, by using Google translate you can make a real conversation  


 What does Google translate translates? 

Google translate can translate between among 100 languages and Google translate can translates texts, words, phrases, speech text and documents. Google translate also translated an entire document even if the documents are Microsoft Word document, PDF document, HTML document. The great feature of Google translate here is that Google translate can translated a plain text or rich-text.

In addition to all of this, Google translate can translate documents with size up to 10MB. Documents formats the Google translate accepts: .ppt,  .pptx, .doc, .docs, .pdf, .odf, .ps, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx. 

 Steps to translate documents in Google translate 

As you read from the previous paragraph, Google translate can translate entire document from source language to target language. In this paragraph, you will see that the how to translate entire document from one language to other language by Google translate. For example, if you want to translate a PDF document from English language to Arabic language follow these steps:

First step: open any internet explorer and then go to to reach the page of Google translate.

Second step: above the text box on the left, click the documents button.

Third step: then the browse button will appear on the text box, click on the browse button to upload your document.

Fourth step: after choose your document that you need to translate, choose the language that your document is in. (here the language is English language)

Fifth step: from the right side choose the target language you need to translate your document into it. (here the language is Arabic language).

Sixth step: click translate button that appears under the uploaded document on the text box.

Seventh step: the translation text in Arabic language will appear on a blank browser window.

Notice that:

  1. if you hover over any line, you will see the original English language text that translated from.

  2. You can copy, save or share the translated text on a new document or wherever you need to put the text.

  3. Keep in your mind that you do not need a Google account to use Google translate because it is free for all.

 How to translate a whole website using Google translate? 

You can translate your entire website or any website by using Google translate. So, as translating entire documents Google translate can translate an entire website from one language to other language by following these simple steps:

First, open your internet explorer and go to

Second, type your website URL in the text box in left and choose English language for example as a source language.

Third, from the right side choose the target language to translate website into. For example, Arabic language.

Fourth, click on translate button

Fifth, now click on the website URL in the right side (translated URL), then you can see a new translated version of your website.

 Notice that google translate cannot translate words inside images in a website that you need to translate. Google translate just translate the actual text and ignore words and phrases that appears in an image.

 How many ways to translate documents online? 

Five ways available to translate a text, document, website and other content online. These ways are:

First online translation way: Machine translation

Second online translation way: Marketplace of translation

Third online translation way: Marketplace of translator

Fourth online translation way: Translation tool with machine translation support

  • Machine translation

You read about this in the first paragraph of this article. Machine translation or also called automated translation is cheap service and sometimes it is free like Google translate. Another feature of machine translation that it is fast because it is translated text, document or others while you are typing. The best usage of machine translation is to get a fast overview about what the text/ document/ website content talk about and to understand the translated text meaning. Although machine translation is a continuous improving process, but it does not take the place of human translators. As an examples of machine translation are Google translate, Reverso translate, DeepL translate, Bing Microsoft translate and many others.

  • Marketplace of translations

At this way of translation, you but the translation service for a low-cost fee. Feature of this way is that the translation service done by a native speaker. But in the other side these native speakers are often not professional translators. You can use this way if you had a low budget and you do not need a business or high-level translation. Gengo is an example of marketplace of translations and you can use it as follow:

  1. Upload your document into Gengo or paste the text content

  2.  Gengo system will analyze how much your text, document content to translate

  3. Then you need to select the target language and type any instructions you need from the translator

  4. Gengo system will give you the delivery estimated time and required cost for your text/ document.

  • Marketplace of translators

Marketplace of translators is the third online translation way. ProZ is an example of marketplace of translators which is the best quality way to make translation but is also need high cost. You can use this way to get a high-quality translation.

 Translation tool with machine translation support 

Translation tool with machine translation support is the last online translation way. Redokun is an example of this way and can be used only on professional environment. This way is used to translate marketing collateral with in-house translators or translation vendors. Redokun translation tool has more control and producing documents faster than others also, it is integrated with machine translation.  

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