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How do you draft a project proposal

How do you draft a project proposal
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Usually, the proposals writing is a popular task within academic study. You can write a proposal for an academic research, report, project and others more. Also, you may write a proposal to get a grant scholarship. The written project proposal document is the first written document to define a project either if the project is internal or external project. Good project proposal is an informative and persuasive proposal which give the other party (donor) full explained information about the project and this information should be persuasive. Proposal itself is the fist and initial written document to present an idea, topic or problem. That’s to intent reader why you are proposed in your written proposal is important. So, the project proposal is a written document for a proposed project, project outcomes, project processes and activities that taken to complete the project.

 How to define goals and objectives of the project proposal? 

It is important to set your goals and objectives in your written project proposal. Goals are different from objectives. Goals defined as what to define do you plan to do in the project? In the other hand what does the problem you intend in your written project proposal?

But the objectives are detailing statements that explained the approach through your project to achieve your written project proposal goals.  

To set your project goals follow these considerations:

  • Your goal should be clear
  • Is your goal in line with your project problem?
  • If your project is for your organization, the goal should be consistent with mission and vision statement of your organization
  • Use simple language words to write your objectives and stay away of using technical definitions to write your project proposal goals
  • Do not set more goals in your project proposal. Try to set one basic broad goal for your written project proposal

In the other side, to set project proposal objectives follow the following consideration:

  • Every sitting project proposal objective should support the project proposal goal
  • Your project proposal objectives should be logically placed in order to execute the project
  • When sitting project proposal objectives use active verbs to describe the course of project work
  • Do not set many objectives in written project proposal. Three objectives are ideal for your written project proposal which each objective has any activities and tasks
  • Address the 5Ws in your project proposal objectives and frame these objectives as SMART objectives.

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 How is it important to write your project proposal objectives? 

In this paragraph, you will more understand how your written project proposal objectives should be and how frame these objectives SMART?

What is the meaning of 5Ws? 5Ws are five questions that started with W and here the project proposal objective should answer the 5W questions which are:

  1. Why you are proposed a particular thing(project/idea)?
  2. What approach/s will you follow to achieve your desired goal?
  3. When will you conduct your proposed project?
  4. Where will you proceed your proposed project?
  5. Who will be the primary stakeholder in your proposed project?

SMART objectives

Specific: your project proposal objectives should be very clear

Measurable: measurable objectives means that you can see if your project proposal objective can be achieved or not

Achievable: achievable objectives means that your project proposal objectives must be feasible and viable and within your (organization) capacity, constraints, abilities and control

Realistic:  means that when determine your project proposal objectives be sure that these objectives can be acquire within available resources and within time frame

Time-bounded: it is very important to give time frame for each of your project proposal objective completion

 Project proposal formatting 

Any written document has its own format according to the type of writing. Here you will learn how to write a project proposal and what is the element included in the written project proposal? Following format of any written document will make work easily to do so, the written project proposal should outline the following:

  • Title page

The first written paper in the written project proposal is the title page which contains project title, your name(organization), place and date of the preparation of project and the name of donor if exist or supervisor.

The title page needed when your written project proposal is about 3 pages long or more.

  • Executive summary

Also called an abstract of the written project proposal. The proposal abstract is a very important part that written in the project proposal itself because it gives the reader a snapshot about what is the whole project proposal say. So, it is important to write this part carefully specially when readers do not have time to read all the proposal. Abstract includes project problem, project objectives, project activities, timeline, budget of the project.

  • Project implementation

In this part of written project proposal, you write more details and explanations about the project and the problem statement also what activities will done by the project and how to solve the problem. Also, explain that how will the objectives be achieved

  • Budget of proposed project

Means the project cost which deals with the overall cost of the project and what plan you will follow for executing the project. In addition to, the future profit.

  • Conclusion

In conclusion, you will write a briefly overview of all points discussed in the written project proposal. It is the final part so, write this carefully and with focus.

 What is academic proposal? 

An academic proposal is a written proposal document that performed as the first step to produce your academic thesis or academic major project. The purpose of a written academic proposal is to persuade your supervisor/ instructor that your topic of thesis or project is sound.

Some tips to write academic proposal

Here are some tips which are useful when you come to write an academic proposal. You should read these tips before start writing your academic proposal to get the best results you want:

  • First tip: to write an effective academic proposal, be sure that you have more enough time to do your writing academic proposal. If you make your writing academic proposal in quick manner, you may fail to persuade your supervisor about your proposed topic.  
  • Second tip: always when you need to write an academic document, proposal, research or any paper, it is preferable to use active voice. The active voice will make your proposed topic understandable. Try not to use a lot of passive voice.
  • Third tip: be confident that your written academic proposal is significant and not just performed to get passed.
  • Fourth tip: after finishing from writing your academic proposal, review your academic proposal more and more.
  • Fifth tip: perform a proofreading process to ensure that your written proposal document is free from any type of errors. After these tips your written academic proposal is ready to submit.  

 Tips to make an effective written project proposal 

  • First tip: Plan previously for the project proposal
  • Second tip: Make a reality project proposal
  • Third tip: Do not use a lot of technical and organizational definitions
  • Fourth tip: Use a good language to write your project proposal and do not take in emotional or general term.
  • Fifth tip: Format the written project proposal to be easy and clear to read
  • Sixth tip: Keep your written project proposal within the page border
  • Seventh tip: Use action words in writing project proposal 

 Video: How to Write a Project Proposal 


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