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How do you summarize a proposal

How do you summarize a proposal
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If you are a university student and in the fields like engineering, research or others related, then you will force to write a lot of proposal documents. In this article, you will be deal with the proposal and proposal structure and how to write the most important part of the proposal document?

 What is a written proposal document and why writing proposal document is important? 

A proposal is an initial written document that written for a project, research document, business goal… etc. The proposal document may write also to get a governmental grant for example to study in a specific field.

However, There are many goals to write a proposal document but the basic goal is to persuade the client about your idea. This idea can be a problem need to solve or the idea can be a project.

In addition to, the written proposal document is the communication document between you/ your organization and the other external client/ organization.

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 Structure of the written proposal document 

Written proposal document includes many elements that structure the proposal itself and that help you to organize your written proposal document. These elements are:

  1. An abstract or called an executive summary: executive summary is the first and important part of the written proposal document. This executive summary contains the whole information you will talk in your written proposal document but in abbreviate details.
  2. Statement of need or called sometimes problem statement: the second part of the written proposal document is the statement of need.
    And in this part, you will explain why your proposed idea is important and what is the problem you addressed in your written proposal document? Who will benefit from your proposed idea?
  3. Proposal methodology: in the third part in a written proposal document, you will explain what ways/ methods you will follow to achieve your goals for the proposed idea?
  4. Proposal evaluation: here you will explain how can you evaluate the proposed project/ idea success? Evaluation is an important part in a written proposal documents that enable the donor to know if the proposal is done as it should be.
  5. Conclusion: conclusion is the final part of the written proposal document which conclude the basic and important information that written in a proposal.

In this article, you will define more details about the important part of the written proposal document which is the executive summary.
Also, you will know what is the proposal executive summary? How can you write a proposal executive summary? Why the executive summary is important in a written proposal document?  

 Executive summary in a written proposal document 

As you see in the above paragraph, the executive summary is the first and important part in a written proposal document. In

the executive summary try to answer briefly these questions: what will be done? Who will do the proposed idea/ project? How the proposed project/ idea will be done? What is the start date and end date of the proposed idea/ project? What is the problem addressed in the proposal? Finally, who will be benefit from the proposal outcomes?

An executive summary length can be from a half page to one page long depending on the proposal itself. Keep in your mind that the good executive summary can get your proposal win by the external client.
But bad executive summary may get cancelled your
proposal document by the external client.
So, try to take your time when write the executive summary for proposal document and choose carefully your words. That’s why the proposal executive summary is important.
In the other hand, it is preferable to write the executive summary when you are finished from writing your proposal document.

External client may not have time enough to read your proposal.
So in this case, the external client will read the executive summary.
So, this is the major goal why writing a good executive summary is important for your proposal document.

 Purpose of executive summary in a written proposal document 

The main need to write an executive summary for a proposal document is to sell your proposed idea to the external client’s problem.
So, your executive summary should focus on results and outcomes of your proposed idea. That’s mean the executive summary should be persuasive and highlights the outcomes, benefits and results of your proposed idea/ project.

How to write the proposal executive summary for a proposal document? 

For simply start to write an executive summary of the written proposal document, divide the executive summary into sections:

  • First section: start your executive summary with take attention of your client.

Opening your executive summary with focus on the client and his issue.
Also, talk in executive summary about your results and outcomes clearly and directly. The written proposal document is not about you but it is about your client so focus on the client’s need.

  • Second section: the client’s need

In this section, let the client sure that you understand his problem/ need. You can explain in the executive summary how can the client benefit from your solution and how can you solve the problem?

  • Third section: the proposal solution for the problem statement

In the third section of the proposal executive summary, you can talk about your solution.
But pay attention here, do not talk with deeply details about your solution in your executive summary. Just give the client a briefly specific information to convince him about your proposed solution.  

  • Fourth section: in the fourth section of executive summary, explain the evidence that you are/ your company is qualified to do the proposed solution. Talk about your solution of similar problem that you solve it and also explain if you have any awards or special skills and qualifications to solve the problem.
  • Fifth section: the final section of proposal executive summary is the action call.
    At final section of proposal executive summary, tell your client that the best chance to solve his problem is to hire you/ your organization.
    That’s because of your skills and qualifications. You can talk why you need to work with the client, you can write a little flattery about your client.

 How to summarize written proposal document into short concept note? 

  • First step: firstly, choose an interesting title for your proposal note that will take attention of your client
  • Second step: start the first paragraph by talking about the project proposal background and why the project is important? What done in the project? Who is benefit from this project?
  • Third step: move to the next paragraph and in the second paragraph determine your goals which should not be more than three. Keep in your mind that your proposal goals should be related with the project background.
  • Fourth step: now start the third paragraph by talking about the project outcomes and outputs. Each proposal setting goal should have a proposal output and the proposal outputs should be specific and sensible.
  • Fifth step: at the fourth paragraph identify the activities and time stone for each activity noted in the proposal document. Your proposal activities will give you with an idea about how will the goals done.
  • Sixth step: in the final paragraph of the proposal note monitor the project and evaluate it.  You should keep tracking that the project is done according to the written proposal document to ensure that about all activities and resources needed for the project.

 Video: How To Use An Executive Summary In Your Proposal | Impact Proposal | Winning By Design 


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