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Why is Google Translate so inaccurate

Why is Google Translate so inaccurate
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Before listed the reasons that, make Google translate inaccurate, you have to know what is Google translate? Why a lot of people prefer to use Google translate? How Google translate works?

 What is Google translate? 

Google translate is the most popular translator website with many features that motivate a lot of people to use it when they need to translate text/ document or to translate just a word. The concept of Google translate is that you type the text, word, phrase you want to translate and the translation text will instantly appear in front of you. Google translate has many features and advantage which are Google translate:

  1. Can translate word, phrases, text and documents
  2. Capable to translate websites and its content
  3. Allow you to copy, save and share the translated text/ document from Google translate website to anywhere in your device
  4. Provide an audio pronunciation for a common group of languages
  5. Offer translation between around 100 languages around the world 
  6. Offer multiple option of translation common words
  7. Available for both Android and IOS platforms
  8. Can detect the inputted language which means that you do not have to choose the language of your text
  9. A fast online and free translator website


 How Google translate works? 

From many years ago, a lot of human and human translator use Google translate to produce translation.

So, Google translate build a huge database from these translations produced by human translators which may be accurate. Then Google translate break each sentence into individual words and search what each word in source language means in target language. When search for the word meaning, Google translate try to find the most reliable use of this word and match it.   

Then Google translate string the translation words together to create a translation of the whole sentence.

In other word, Google translate translates word-to word and the translation depends on the previous translation even if these translations is accurate or not.

 Is Google translate cheating? 

The answer of this question is Yes, you should not to depend on the translation done by Google translate. When the translation is for your business and there are decisions will be built depending on these translations.

And when you work for academic paper/ document do not use Google translate to do your job/ work.

That’s because google translate translates each word with it’s equivalent frequently meaning in the translation language.

\In this case, the word translation you need may sometimes not the frequently meaning of it, so the translation will be not correct.

Another reason that some people may suggest translation that cannot be correct or inaccurate for Google translate. These people use Google translate because it is free, simply to use and fast.

Which the big reason is that Google translate does not take care about the grammar rules and vocabulary usage of languages. Just human translators can take in care the grammatical rules of both the source language and target language.

 Disadvantages of using Google translate 

In this paragraph, you will be deal what is the disadvantages of Google translate and why you have not to use Google translate. Disadvantages of Google translate listed as follow:

  1. There is no way to incorporate context when the translation meaning lost with Google translate.
  2. Translation quality of translation results with Google translate depends on the language pairs.
    For example, the translation from Spanish language and English language and vise versa will be more accurate than other language pairs.
  3. Translation with Google translate often contains significant grammatical errors because Google translate depends on word-to-word translation.
  4. There is no system in Google translate to correct translation mistakes and there is no way to proof that the translation result is correct.
  5. Often parts of the translation will be fine, and others poor.
  6. sometimes their wording will be incoherent and just not make sense at all.

 What is the best of Google translate? 

A lot of translators are available to take place of Google translate that are more accurate. Some of these translators are free and some works for a fee. The best choice when the accurate translation required is to hire a human translation expert who will give you final a perfect translation with no errors. Human translators take in their care the grammatical rules of translation languages and the context of the result translation sentence.

 Video: The REASON Google Translate FAILS at Japanese 


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