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What is the best free translator

What is the best free translator
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 What is the translation process? 

There are many types of translators that you can use their services to do the translation process. Which the types are human translator, machine translator, app translator and dictionaries.

Firstly, the translation process is a process that transfer words, texts, phrases and documents from source language to target language. Translation should save the meaning of word language to accurate transfer the culture and habits from source language to target language.

 Human translation vs. machine translation 

In human translation, the translation process done by a person/ human who is a language expert. In human translation the result of translation document/ text from source language to target language is very accurate and take care about the grammar rules, punctuations and spelling.

But machine translation as names seems the translation process done by a machine software or tool. This software can be a desktop application, smart app or it can be an online webpage. Here in this article, you will be with more details about the free online translators and features for each translator. Also, you will be deal with what is the best online translator for you?

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 How it is important to use the best online translator? 

It is not enough for you to use just any online translator; no, you may need to translate document/ text that is very important to your work and must be accurate as possible as you can. That’s because the accuracy is different form one online translator to another.

For example, some free online translators focus on simple translation. And some of free online translators have a unique feature and can work as a traditional translator website and as a learning website. If you are a student and choose the online translators with unique feature, then you can learn another language in free.

So that, a good online translator can add to your vocabulary and help you to learn.

 Three of the best free online translators 

There are a lot of online translators that available for you. According to the best free online translators there are:

Google translate:

Google translate is the most popular online translator which is free, easy to use and available for everyone. You do not need to have a google account to use Google translate that’s because it a free online tool.

 Features of Google translate: 

  1. It translates between more than 100 language around the world.   
  2. Provide audio pronunciation for common languages
  3. Can translate word, phrases, texts and documents
  4. Detect the input language which means you do not have to determine the input language of your document/ text.
  5. Provide speech input for some of the common languages
  6. You can share, save and copy the translated text/ document from google translate website to anywhere
  7.  Also, Google translate offers a keyboard alphabet to input other alphabets
  8. Available app platform for Android and IOS
  9. Allow you to see definitions for inputted words

 Bing Microsoft translator 

Bing Microsoft translator is the second popular free online translator and has some features of translation option.

Features of Bing Microsoft translator

  1. Translates between around 60 languages
  2. Audio pronunciation for common languages
  3. You can copy and share translated text/ document from Bing translator to anywhere
  4. The app is available also for Android and IOS platforms
  5. A Bing translator can translate better in some languages


It is another free online translator. However, Reverso is not popular as other translators but somebody prefer Reverso for special features which are:

  1. Reverso allow audio pronunciation for most of languages available on it
  2. Translator Reverso translates between 13 different languages
  3. For common word and phrase, Reverso offers multiple possible translation
  4. Allow you to copy translated text/ document from Reverso translator to anywhere
  5. Offers you a grammar check and spelling for inputted text

 What is the best translation app? 

As you read in the top of this article that the translator can be an application which downloaded in your mobile.

  1. iTranslate Voice 3: this app enables you to make voice-to-voice communication by translation between around 42 languages. Just you speak to your device and the app will translate and speak your spoken sentence.  
  2. SayHi: SayHi translator app translates between around 90 languages. You have no need to type the text to translate, you just to your device and the SayHi app will translate the inputted speech into a message that can be heard or seen by others. 
  3. TextGrabber: TextGrabber translator app offers you to point your phone’s camera at any text in front of you, and translate this inscrutable text instantly into any language you want. This is a good choice when you are in a foreign country and did not speak the country’s language. 
  4. Microsoft Translator: it is the most versatile translation option that available in translation market. Microsoft Translator app is available as a smartwatch app which can easily use by passengers. In addition to, Microsoft Translator is good choice for enterprise and customers. A big feature of Microsoft Translator that it allows you to type the text you want to translate, speak aloud, or take a photo of an image containing the needed text to translate.
  5. Waygo: Waygo translation app provide a translation for signs and menus from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean into English.
  6. MyLingo: it is a good choice for Spanish speakers, MyLingo app bring real-time translation to movie theaters.
  7. TripLingo: this translator app provides a voice translator and deeply more translation in nuances of local customs, etiquette, and slang. TripLingo provides a feature of currency converter and a culture crash course.

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