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What are the main components of a literature review

What are the main components of a literature review
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 What is a literature review? 

A literature review document is a scholarly document that written to review many sources and publication that relevant to a particular topic. In other word, the literature review document is an overview of sources in a particular topic. A literature review is written in order to give a comprehensive look of what has been said for a particular topic. Also, who is said what about this particular topic.

Literature review can be a stand-alone literature review document or the literature review can be a part of a research paper, thesis or dissertation. Keep in mind that the literature review document surveys scholarly articles, books, researches, studies or any other related sources to your topic.

 How it is important to write a literature review? 

Any written document has its own purposes to write it and the same is for the written literature review document. Firstly, a literature review document provides you a review of writings and publications on a particular topic. Secondly, a literature review establishes the positions of a review writings on a field of a particular topic. Thirdly, a literature review defines the gaps exists in a current writings and sources for a particular topic. Fourthly, a literature review document identifies the conflicts in the previous studies, sources and writings on a particular topic. Fifthly, a literature review document identifies areas of major scholarship to prevent duplication and give credit to other researchers. Sixthly, a literature review document place each research on a place of context of its contribution to understand the topic.

Writing literature review

 Basic components of a literature review 

The written literature review document should include the following basic components to write it correctly which are:

  • First basic literature review component: describe the main objective/s to write your literature review document.
  • Second basic literature review component: give an overview of the subject in topic under consideration for your literature review document.
  • Third basic literature review component: make a clear classification of relevant sources to your topic and support the topic.
  • Fourth basic literature review component: also, classify the other sources that opposed your topic and sources that give  different arguments related to your topic.
  • Fifth basic literature review component: discuss the distinctiveness of each review source and the similarities with other sources in a particular topic.

 How to structure a literature review? 

It is important to organize your written literature review document and structure the literature review in a better way. Firstly, a written literature review document structured as many written documents which structured from three basic sections. These sections are introduction, body and conclusion. In this paragraph, you will more understand how to write each of these three sections in your written literature review.

First section: Introduction

Usually, an introduction is the first section included in any written document. So, be careful when write an introduction section. In introduction you need firstly to identify what is your topic that a literature review will talk about? You need to present your topic in appropriate context to review a literature. In addition to, determine your point of view (what is your reasons?). Furthermore, how can you organize the sources included in your literature for example, historical, thematical, theoretical or others. Finally, select in your literature review document what is included and what is not included in the literature?  

Second section: main Body

Second section is the body, main body or also called the middle body. For writing the main body you need to give a lot of details about your sources that related to your topic. Thus, by organizing the written literature review according to common themes. Then, start to describe in a great way the relationship between your topic of study and a wider study area. At last, when write the body start form wider and general subject then move to your specific topic to review.

Third section: the conclusion

Conclusion is the final section in a literature review document and this is your points:

  • Summarize the significant aspects of the body
  • Evaluate the current state of literature review
  • Identify gaps in existing knowledge
  • Outline the area of future studies in a topic
  • Link your literature review to the existing knowledge

 Steps to write a literature review 

Here are some steps to follow to write a literature review document. These steps are very useful if you write your first literature review document:

First step: the first step is about your topic. So, identify and select your topic that you need to review your literature about. In addition to, define your research question because your literature review should be guided by a central research question.

Second step: after you define your topic, you need to search for sources that related to your topic. Define what types of resources you need to include into your written literature review document. Try to find studies and sources that written by relevant scholars.

Third step: in the third step define your scope of research. That’s mean how many sources do you need for your literature review document? Are these studies and sources should be comprehensive? How many years should the research studies and searches cover?   

Fourth step: after find and collect needed sources and studies, read all these sources and note the following points:

  • What are the most assumptions that many researches make?
  • Who are the experts and scholars in this field of study?
  • The methodologies, materials used in researches, subjects and testing procedures.
  • Include that studies and researches that conflict with your topic of study.

Fifth step: organize the selected studies and researches according to patterns used and developing subtopics.

Sixth step: develop your purpose of statement by summarize the conclusions in one or two sentences about what have reached.  

Seventh step: write your literature review document and structure your literature review by themes or subtopics.

Eighth step: final step is to review your work. Be sure that you include all needed resources and studies in your literature review document.

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