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What are the tools for statistical analysis

What are the tools for statistical analysis
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Statistical analysis process is a science of using statistics to collect, explore, organize and present large amount of data. That’s in order to get patterns and trends that helps to make better future decisions. Many businesses and organizations rely on statistical analysis process in order to organize their data and discover future patterns based on statistical information.

 Uses of statistical analysis process: 

Statistics and statistical analysis processes are important parts in out life because they service a lot of fields. For example, statistical analysis helps in the fields of forecasting, government, genetics, business, manufacturing, economics and many others. In this paragraph, you will know how statistical analysis process get help for some of these fields:

  • Manufacturing: for airplane manufactures they use statistics/ statistical analysis process to bring lift to the airline industry.
  • Government: for the government field statistics/ statistical analysis process used to make judgement about health, education, population and many others related government fields.
  • Forecasting the weather: statistics/ statistical analysis process used here in order to predict the weather.
  • Business: a successful business is which rely on statistics/ statistical analysis process to determine which thing are working and which things are not working.
  • Research: statistics/ statistical analysis process is very important in research filed because it helps researchers to organize, analyze, evaluate a large amount of data to get useful information.
  • Insurance: in insurance field uses data collected by statistics/ statistical analysis process from drivers, homeowners and others to determine the premium amount.
  • Medical: using statistics/ statistical analysis process and its information to determine the typical amount of medicine that a patient should take as an example.

 Most common tool to make statistical analysis process 

Every process and science have its own tools to get the results easily. In this paragraph, you will be deal with the most common tools of statistical analysis process which are:

  • First statistical analysis tool: SPSS
  • Second statistical analysis tool: R programming language
  • Third statistical analysis tool: MATLAB
  • Fourth statistical analysis tool: Microsoft Office Excel
  • Fifth statistical analysis tool: SAS
  • Sixth statistical analysis tool: Minitab
  • Seventh statistical analysis tool: GraphPad Prism

Now, you will read each statistical analysis tool with more details about what does each tool mean? And the features for each statistical analysis too. The tools above are divided into two groups to give more details for each tool.

 First group of statistical analysis tools: 

In this paragraph, you will be deal with the first group of statistical analysis tools as follow:

First statistical analysis tool/ SPSS:

the first tool of statistical analysis process is SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). SPSS is a statistical tool that concern to analyze human behavior research and have the following features:

  1. Offering an easily ability to compile descriptive statistics, parametric and non-parametric analyses.
  2. Offering graphical depictions of results by SPSS GUI
  3. Providing the ability to carry out more advanced statistical processing
  4. SPSS can Integrated easily with Python and R programming language code.

Second statistical analysis tool/ R (R Foundation for Statistical Computing):

R is the best free open-source statistical analysis tool as a programming language and it is a very powerful software. The key features for R language are:

  1. R programming provide an effective statistical tool for handling facility and storage facility.
  2. It is a complex programming language so; you have to have some knowledge about programming to work with R.
  3. It offers the best choice for data visualization by it’s graphical facilities.
  4. Offers a wide range of statistics and graphical techniques i.e., linear, nonlinear modeling, classical statistics test, time series analysis, and many more.

Third statistical analysis tool/ MATLAB

MATLAB is the best statistical analysis tool and programming language for statistical analysis in the world. MATLAB is best for matrix manipulation: data function plotting, algorithms implementations, user interface creations, and many more. Key features for MATLAB are:

  1. Toolboxes of MATLAB are designed with perfection and professionalism
  2. Experts designed MATLAB especially for production
  3. The MATLAB provide the best simulation for users.

 Second group of statistical analysis tools: 

Fourth statistical analysis tool/ Microsoft Office Excel:

MS Excel is the best statistical analysis tool specially for beginners and for make a simple statistical analysis for data. also, the experts can use MS Excel to make some statistical process for their data. key features for MS Excel are:

  1. Excel provides the best GUI (Graphical User Interface) for data visualization
  2. Microsoft Excel offers you to perform necessary calculations to an advanced one.
  3. Microsoft Excel allow you or the organization to organize work by performing big data tasks.

Fifth statistical analysis tool/ SAS (Statistical analysis software)

SAS is one of the best statistical analysis tools for data science and it also used for business, healthcare, and human behavior research. SAS can be used as GUI or you can build your script in SAS for advanced level of statistical analysis. Features of using SAS statistical analysis tool are:

  1. Easy to access SAS statistical analysis tool and SAS provides tutorials guide for users.
  2. There are variety of statistical tools available in the SAS suite.
  3. Giving reports with high quality and visually appealing reports.

Sixth statistical analysis tool/ Minitab

However, Minitab like many statistical tools provide for user a GUI and scripted commands for advanced statistics. But it is not using popularity. Minitab key features are:

  1. Minitab provides different types of analysis. For example, Measurement systems analysis, capability analysis, Graphical analysis, Hypothesis analysis, regression, and so on.
  2. Minitab allows you to do best data visualization i.e., Scatterplots, matrix plots, box plots, dot plots

Seventh statistical analysis tool/ GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism is a statistical analysis tool that used for statistics that related to biology field. As other statistical analysis tool, you can use GraphPad Prism manual to add your script or you can use the GUI provided by GraphPad Prism.

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