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How do you summarize a reference

How do you summarize a reference
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Summarizing a reference is a necessary process because it is not reasonable to include all the information contained in the reference. As one reference contains a large amount of information. And for this, the researcher must master the professional summarization of the reference to obtain the information he wants only from this reference. On the other hand, the process of summarizing the reference is done in the final summary of the research. So that, about summarizing the reference we will put a set of paragraphs. That will introduce you in detail about how to summarize a reference from beginning to end.

 Basic steps to summarize a reference 

At first, you should reconsider the word (within the research) and then go back again to read the introduction to this article. This is because you will find that summarizing a reference takes place in two parts. These two parts are within the research in the theoretical framework and previous studies. As well as the second part in the final summary of the research. In this paragraph, we will put a set of steps for the summary within the search, where each of these steps is linked to the steps that preceded it. And the one that follows it as well, and for this, you must read the steps:

First step:

You will read the topic that you have chosen for the study. And based on the topic and its hypotheses, you will go through the process of identifying the references from which you will quote the information in this research. The process of identifying the references comes as a prelude to the process of summarizing the reference.

Second step:

not all the information in the reference is considered useful information for the content of the current study. For this, you must specify the required information only and write this information on an external paper.

Third step:

now, you will include the required information from the reference in its appropriate place within the research. And here, you adopt one of two methods, the full citation method, which is to take the citation as it is without change or alteration and put it in the current study. Or to formulate this citation in your style, and here you must abbreviate the quotation in the form required by the context. For example, write the phrase: (where it came in the reference so and so).

Fourth step:

After that, you must do the full documentation process for all the quotes that you took from the references. Whether text quotes as they are or that you have formulated and shortened the quote.

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 How to summarize a reference inside the research summary 

There are many methods to summarize the reference in the research summary. These methods come according to the nature of the performance of this summary, as well as according to the information that will be included in the summary of the reference. And whether the summary of the reference will be linked to other contents or not, and for all methods of summarizing the reference in the research summary. A specific function is to provide the content that was quoted from the reference in the fewest number of words while preserving the full meaning of the quoted information. Below we will present these methods, each method separately, with a detailed explanation of each method:

 Summarize a reference through an entire paragraph: 

In this method, a complete paragraph is summarized that only talks about one reference. The researcher writes the most important information he quoted, and how the researcher employed this information within the research? and what is the impact of this information on the research results?

 Combining references in one paragraph: 

In this method, one paragraph is not made for each reference. But all references are summarized in one paragraph only, not exceeding 500 words. This method is used if the basic references used are few, and the information is written Most important with just how to use it.

 Points System: 

 This method relies on summarizing the entire contents of the references through sequential points. And each of these points including talking about one of the references used.

 Overlapping information in the summary: 

 In this method, each reference is addressed according to the nature of the information presented by each paragraph of the summary.  For example, the researcher used several quotes from one of the references in the semester that talk about the causes of the phenomenon.

When the researcher arrives to summarize the causes of the phenomenon, he mentions the reference and the most important information that he quoted from it. And then implements this with all other references when mentioning the topics that included quotes from them.

 What is the information included in the summarizing reference process? 

Summarizing the reference includes talking about a set of information that must be included. And this information is introductory information about the reference’s task in the research. The first of this information is the most important quotations that were taken from the reference. You will take the most important. And this summary must also include how these quotes are used in the content of the research and the importance of the reference for the research.

Also, one of the important pieces of information that the summary must mention is the interrelationship between the reference and the subject of the current research. And if there is plenty of space, the relationship between the reference and other references is mentioned. Also, the method of citing evidence taken from references is one of the most powerful information that gives the summary. In addition, the researcher must not neglect to mention the hypotheses of the information quoted from the reference. That means that the researcher determines in the context of the summary how these quotations contributed to proving or denying the hypotheses. Even in summarizing the references, the researcher must internally document any information quoted in this summary. And it is also possible for the researcher to write his opinion in the reference as a kind of discussion and analysis.

 Controls and standards of summarize a reference process 

  •  It is necessary to match the information in the summary with the information in the content of the research. This matching requires matching in the meaning, not in the text. As it is possible to refer to the reference information in the summary using words that are different from the words in the content of the research. But with full preservation of the meaning. The importance of summarizing the references process.
  • The wording and the transition between the information in the summary must be flexible. So, that the reader can absorb it following his idea. And for this, he used easy words that the reader does not need to search for to understand their meaning.
  • Punctuation marks are one of the most important controls that must be adhered to in writing a summary of references. Because punctuation marks play an important role in preserving meanings. And attention is also required to linguistic safety in terms of grammar and orthography.
  • One method of summarizing must be used in the entire summary. For example, if the researcher uses the method of the whole paragraph for one reference. So, he must follow the entire summary on this method, and it is not permissible to move from it to another method.

 The importance of summarize a reference process 

The importance of summarizing references comes from the role it provides. And the benefits that accrue to the research and the researcher. Summarizing the reference is one of the basics of the research work, but before we write the importance of this process. The process must have been carried out in accordance with the conditions and standards, which we mentioned in the previous paragraph. And thus it can be said that the process of summarizing the reference has many benefits, the most important of are:

  1. Summarizing the reference directly refers to the important quotations, which saves the reader the trouble of searching for these quotations. This leads to an increase in the reader's familiarity with the information that was quoted from the references.
  2. Re-referring to quotations from references in the summary gives an additional opportunity to emphasize the importance of this information. Also, helps to increase its comprehension from its recollection by the reader.
  3. The summary is a great opportunity to review the information, and when the reference is summarized. The researcher here reviews the information first and then writes it down in the summary. And this increases the chance of detecting errors and correcting them if any.
  4. The content of the references is scattered between the lines of the research. So, when it is known and written in the summary, it is accurately limited and identified.
  5. The documentation of the references included in the summary indicates the researcher's effort in selecting information, as well as the extent to which the researcher adheres to the ethical standards of research work.


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