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How do you study secretly?

How do you study secretly?
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 What is the concept of study? 

Study, research and education, what distinguishes humans from animals, teaches us how to socialize. And makes us able to interact with our environment. Especially since all the rich resources in nature will not be of use to humanity if there is no enlightenment, studies and research on how to benefit from them.

The study is a scientific research, focusing on a particular hypothesis, or a particular relationship. In non-scientific contexts, it can be the exploration of a specific topic. And it is also known as following up on an issue, or a specific case, trying to reach new information about it. And introducing people to it.

We can explain the concept of the study as the application of the mind. Its preparation and its ability to acquire different types of skills and abilities in various sciences and its seas. Whether they are human, social or technical sciences, through reading, thinking, working and taking enough time to obtain them. And the first thing that comes to mind when talking about study methods Correct is how a large and complex amount of information in books and notes can be transferred to a reliable bright spot in the mind.

It may seem heavy for someone who is accustomed to a certain method of study for a long period of time. But with time the learner will notice the positive impact of the correct study in a noticeable way. And the correct methods in the study are not satisfied with the task of transferring and understanding information only. But are keen on the optimal use of time, as it takes a much shorter time Compared to studying with the wrong methods. In addition to what it includes in terms of adding a feeling of comfort and pleasure before and after studying.

 What is the importance of studying in your life? 

Students face many difficulties during the study period, some of them bear these difficulties. And succeed in overcoming them in their desire to complete their career. And others do not prefer to face them and abandon their studies. Without realizing that this is destroying their future, and during the following lines of this article Dear reader. We will get to know the importance of the study. And the ways that can be used to encourage the study. Just please follow up.

The study in all its stages is of great importance to students, and the most important points of studying are:

  1. It gives the individual an increased confidence in himself. And teaches him how to manage his life’s affairs by himself without anyone’s interference. The educated person always has a superior ability to act in different situations wisely. Unlike the uneducated person whose ignorance may lead him to destroy his future.
  2. An individual can provide various assistance to others. For example, he may educate his children, friends, and neighbors, and thus become an effective member of society. And a reason for its renaissance and advancement.
  3. The individual enjoys a prestigious social position, and has a suitable job through which he can earn and spend on his requirements and needs.
  4. It provides a person with knowledge and experience that helps him understand others and communicate with them. For example, when a student moves from one school stage to another, he becomes more integrated with those around him. We find that after he moves from school to university, his circle of friends expands and he can form new acquaintances, and so on.
  5. Contribute to increasing the awareness of the individual, as studying gives the individual a culture, and makes him more willing to read the events first-hand, as well as make him adapt easily to the challenges of the times. Of course, it is necessary for the individual to be aware of the appropriate ways to deal with these means, and the study facilitates this task for him.
  6. The study benefits the entire society. A country cannot advance except with the help of its children. Because they are the ones who bear the responsibility of advancing the various sectors in it. She encouraged them and progressed thanks to her thinkers, scientists, engineers and others, because they are responsible for providing everything that helps her progress.

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 What are the correct study methods? 

The correct study is one of the ideal solutions in obtaining high levels of interest in studying in different study subjects. As there are a set of methods and special skills that can be relied upon in the study to obtain the largest amount of sound scientific content that provides the opportunity to achieve the highest results and academic excellence. But must Be careful to continue trying to improve the student's skills in study. It is not correct to wait until the exams period to think about that. And today here are the steps to answer the question What are the correct study methods?

Pay attention while receiving lectures and classes

The student should pay attention to what the teacher presents and avoid everything that would distract him, by focusing well, listening more effectively, and taking notes, which helps in a good understanding of the content of the study.

Reducing disturbances that may affect the student

There are a number of things that can affect the attention of the student and they are the mobile phone, friends, social media, and other things that distract his focus and prevent him from understanding the courses, and the student must use some method to avoid these distractions.

Using questions to understand the course content

The student must inquire about all questions related to the study when he does not understand, so that he can reach answers that help him study and focus.

Revise the notes after the lecture is over

The student must review the notes for the course content each time, as this revision contributes greatly to the transition of materials from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Make a plan for studying through a timetable

Timetable helps to identify the goals to be achieved and determine the extent of progress in the study plan. And helps to know the necessary things that the student must pay attention to.

The duration of the study session should be short

The student should pay attention to setting a short period of rest between study sessions. In order to relax and restore focus and activate the brain again properly.

Choose the study area

The area or place in which the student studies must have special advantages. The most important of which is calm, good lighting, and the availability of a place dedicated to writing and studying well.

Study in a group

Studying in a group helps to create an interactive environment among students. It also provides a good opportunity to test the student’s knowledge with his colleagues.

 How does a person encourage himself to study? 

It is not only the students who need to know the methods that they can use to encourage themselves to study. But also those who have not completed their studies should strive to know these methods. And are determined to return to study again. Among the most prominent of these methods are the following:

  1. Always reminding of the importance of study and that it is the basis on which the individual relies to build himself a brilliant future.
  2. The student should strive to develop his awareness and awareness, through reading. And always listening to the advice of parents and teachers, and keenness to dialogue with them on various topics. Reciting the Noble Qur’an, and searching for successful stories for him to read and benefit from.
  3. Always prefer to stay away immediately from all his friends who think that studying is of no value to him. And that studying some subjects is very difficult, and he must make sure that if he studies first. He will rid himself of this difficulty. And he must organize his time and always be close to his friends who encourage him to study.
  4. Ensure to provide an appropriate atmosphere that encourages him to study. So he should stay away from the sources of disturbance surrounding him. As well as stay away from everything that distracts him from studying, whether his mobile phone or television screens or other means.

 Other ways to encourage yourself to study 

  1. He must define his goals, for example, what he wants to be in the future as a doctor, writer or teacher. And he must make sure that whenever he succeeds in skipping a stage of education. He comes one step closer to achieving his goal.
  2. One of the keys to effective study time management is to start with the big pictures and work into the details A schedule provides directions and instructions for getting the big tasks done Weekly and daily schedules provide the detail needed to get everything done in the classroom calendar It enables classroom goals to be achieved daily and week Details of the study schedules are provided.
  3. An organized study schedule should be established. As it is one of the important things in raising the student’s level in university performance. Time should be devoted to studying the material daily. With a focus on studying before the exam in an appropriate period that enables him to ask questions and get answers to them. And not study directly before the exam day or day The same, and the best suitable time to study should be sought. Some people prefer to study in the morning, and others think that studying at night is better.

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