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Components of academic research references

Components of academic research references
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Components of academic research references

 Introduction and the definition of references 

The process of documenting academic references is one of the important processes that take place during the writing of scientific research. Because it confirms the credibility and scientific integrity of the researcher by documenting what is quoted to its original source. And attributed to everyone who has a right to his right. And this matter is one of the most important criteria for trusting the researcher and his scientific performance.

So Specialists in scientific research have worked to find a range of different and varied methods in documenting references and sources in scientific research. So that it helps in the process of proper tabulation of references and sources in accessing everything the reader wants with ease. As for the mechanisms that the researcher uses to classify references and sources according to groups and according to the following main items:

general documents, books and studies, periodical articles, reports, unpublished research, references and other sources.

Distinguished scientific research is a guide to the advancement of ancient universities, and a real addition to the renaissance of mankind. What you write may be directed to a university for the purpose of obtaining a university degree. Or a scientific conference, or a scientific journal, or to deliver it in a lecture. Or to a scientific body, and each type has a different method in its writing system, although the general method may be the same.

The reference is defined as the place he returns to in order to access the information and data he is looking for in order to enrich his research. Including books, manuscripts and other sources and references that are reliable and correct. And scientific research experts that references are containers that contain different information. And data that are referenced with the aim of collecting information on a particular issue or situation.

Formatting academic theses

 Components of a academic references 

It’s true that reference documentation systems differ among themselves in terms of how the information is arranged. But they all include basic information that must be included and mentioned. It includes the following:


Of course, you must mention the name of the author, the author of the article, or the employer you referred to. Observe the following when mentioning the author’s name

  • Start by writing the last name followed by the first letters of the author’s first name.
  • If there is more than one author for a work, you can mention the name of the first author and use the abbreviation “et al” or “et al.”
  • Sometimes the author’s name may not be clear, especially on websites, and here you can write any of the following:
  • Organization name
  • Article title.
  • The name of the web page from which the information was taken
  • Date of publication
  • You should include the year of publication of the work, or a more accurate date if possible. Especially when documenting magazines, newspapers and press stories.
  • For web pages, find and type the date the page was last updated.
  • Make sure to put the date in parentheses and write it after the author’s name.
  • If you can’t find a publication date, type (no date).
  • Address

The following information is the source address. This could be the title of a book, article, or web page. Source titles are often written in italics. For books, make sure to add the edition number (in case it is not the first edition) to make it easier for the search reader to access the information, as the order of the pages may change sometimes from one edition to another.

Publisher information

This section usually relates to books. Make sure to write the name of the publisher, and the place of publication

Page numbers

If you have used a specific part of a book, in this case you should specify the page numbers you used in your search

Websites links and dates to visit for academic references

For web pages, you should first mention the full-page link (http://www…) and the last date you visited the site. Unlike paper sources, the world of the Internet is not static, and web pages can be changed, removed, or moved. Therefore, it is important to remember the date you visited the site and found the information you used in your search.

 classification and specialization of references 

It is well known that the method and method of documenting references differ according to their different specializations, topics, types and methods of presentation. He is interested in it when documenting those references, he used in the study according to the type and specialization of the academic references as follows:

Considerations for documenting specialized references

The researcher must rectify a set of matters that must be taken into account in the event that he begins documenting references. And one of the most important of these considerations is that the researcher knows the number of authors of the reference. Is it one author or they are a number of authors, and also from the important information is whether Is there a compiler or not, or is there an editor or not. Is the reference part of a string or is it a single reference that has no string or parts.

Considerations for Documenting Specialized References in the Social Sciences Fields

The researcher must be aware of a set of matters and considerations and take care of them and take them into consideration. While documenting references that are classified within the competence of social fields. And that helps the researcher in documenting academic references for social sciences in the best possible way and way. And the most important of these considerations is for the researcher to document references. Which is classified within the social sciences with the system and method of specialized documentation for studies related to the social sciences. Which is the APA method. The researcher must take into account and know all the requirements. And data needed by the APA method when documenting the reference. Which ensures the researcher the safety and correctness of his progress in the field of documenting research work. And which helps raise the level of evaluation for the researcher.

 How to write academic references in their right place and use them in scientific research? 

Writing scientific research depends on writing and documenting the research references in the right way, whether they are from previous studies, books or scientific journals in order for the scientific researcher not to be involved in the plagiarism issue. Academic studies at the university, institute or college to which he belongs. If the scientific researcher writes a text of less than three lines, he writes it between double quotation marks, and then writes the reference number from which it was taken or quoted. In the event that the researcher quotes a text consisting of three letters, the scientific researcher writes the text keeping away from both the right and left sides, as well as without placing the quotation between double quotation marks.

The scientific researcher should write the page number of the reference from which the quote was made. But if the scientific researcher quotes a text from the Qur’anic verses or hadiths. He writes the text as it is correct with the movements and between the double quotation mark. Then he writes the name of the surah or the name of the narrator. But when the scientific researcher writes a quote indirectly, that is, he transfers the text non-literally, i.e. in proportion to the researcher’s point of view or his own idea, he documents as follows: The scientific researcher writes the texts in a way that is related to his scientific research, that is, he documents the quoted text in a non-literal manner, by placing the citation number after the text, such as the figure [reference number].

 Conclusion of academic references 

In the case of writing a text that consists of pointse writes the citation number at the beginning of the text, before starting the numbering. As for documenting academic references related to books. The scientific researcher writes the author’s name by writing the family name first, then his personal name, then a comma. If there are two authors of the book, he writes the two names. And it should be noted the need to take into account the writing of the names in order according to the alphabet. If there is more than one author of the book. Then the author of the study writes the first name of the authors. In the order of the alphabet, then others, then a comma.

Parentheses, then the name of the city or place of the printing press, then two dots. The edition number (if any), then a comma, the volume number (if any). Then the comma of the year of printing, and if the year of printing is unknown. The researcher writes (unknown), then the bracket lock. Then a comma. Page number, then a point. If this quotation is a duplicate quotation and from a single reference. The scholar must write the author’s name in the footnote. Then the subject of the book and the page number.

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