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Memorizing effectively how can do that

Memorizing effectively how can do that
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Memorizing effectively how can do that?

 Introduction of memorizing 

What a memorizing means? Many students are exposed to tension and confusion as soon as the exams period approaches. And they are exposed to a bad psychological state because of it. It affects their performance in exams, in addition to forgetting the information that the student studied. But every problem has a solution; As there are many ways that help the student to memorize properly and avoid the problem of forgetting the studied information. And some may think that his memory is weak, which actually affects their ability to memorize and not forget.

Constantly trying to improve memory has noticeable positive effects on personal and professional life. And science is always trying to find new methods every day; To improve the general memory, and in fact, remembering is a complex process that consists of a few different brain activities. And before knowing quick methods of memorizing. Also keeping it away from forgetting, it is important to know how memory works. Between the nerve cells in it, these points are called synapses, and these memories do not stay long and quickly fade. As for the memories that remain, they are called long-term memory, and many of them are stored during sleep; Because the brain recreates the same pattern of activity, strengthening the synapses that were created earlier, and eventually the memory recalls the information that was stored in it easily if it was reinforced over time

Success in exams and obtaining high grades is the obsession of every student, as it requires good preparation and high concentration. And because we want to achieve success and excellence, we will offer you, dear student, some ways that help you study, memorize and quickly assimilate.


When you start saving information, another advantage of a good summary becomes clear that it is easy to save information and retrieve it quickly. The process of memorizing and its speed varies from person to person based on the strength of memory and the method of studying the required material. But it is possible to facilitate this process by repeating the information several times. Which helps to transfer the information from the short-term memory to the long-term memory.

In addition, the information can be divided into several sections, for example when memorizing numbers or long texts, which helps to memorize and quickly retrieve. It is also possible to form a mental image of the information. Such as linking it to something known to the individual. Such as a situation, a specific event, a famous person, a specific place, a favorite color or an idea, and other options that can be recalled quickly.

 Ways for memorizing and not to forget 

There are many ways to memorize and not forget, including the following:

  1. Self-confidence: As self-confidence and self-assurance; It helps the individual to make a lot of effort to achieve greater success, in addition to the challenge he faces; In order to prove to himself and others the best that he can do in terms of multiple successes.
  2. Make sure to understand what is read before memorizing: when you start studying; The reading must be properly understood; In order to help memory recall information, otherwise it will be difficult to remember information without understanding it.
  3. Writing information during study: As the repetition of writing words and information; Helps fix information in memory; so, you remember it faster.
  4. Innovation: the use of a new method of study; Like working on composing the words in the form of a song, as the songs are easy to memorize and remember.
  5. Rounding and linking information: by linking information to actual events, or similar situations, or rounding names to similar names from other names.

In addition to

  1. Changing the place: When studying, it is recommended to change the place; Whereas, when you change your location; This helps the memory to recall the information according to the place where you read the information in that place.
  2. Smell a certain type of perfume: While studying, smell a certain smell of perfume; Then apply the same perfume during the test or when this information is needed; And when you smell this smell, it is easy to remember the information.
  3. Linking serial information to a specific place: for example, when performing several steps for a specific topic; Imagine that you want to move from one place to another.
  4. Doing the experience of taking the test: by sitting and recalling the information in memory, trying to formulate questions, and then answering them, and imagining that these questions are the same as the test questions.
  5. Exercising: because of its great benefits; As it helps to stimulate blood circulation; Thus, activating the memory.
  6. Good nutrition: Appropriate amounts of healthy food must be eaten, including vitamins, minerals, and others.
  7. Adequate sleep: Sufficient sleep must be taken, so that the mind gives the period of time to rest, and not to be tired; so, the tension is gone.

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 Memorizing tips to prepare for exams without forgetting: 

Exams at the end of the year or during the semester are inevitable, and their time is known, and it is known to everyone that it is a difficult period, and it is difficult to focus in studying exams between all the pressures surrounding the student, such as studying for the exam while studying other subjects, or with submitting a project for another subject, so that it It may affect the course of the daily schedule that the student is accustomed to.

And here are tips on how to study for exams without forgetting :

  • Organizing: disturbance is the first enemy of a good memory. The study needs an orderly place, an organized timetable, and the study materials are arranged according to time, difficulty, and the student’s readiness for them, so time and effort will not be wasted in memorizing in vain.
  • Being positive: If the study starts negatively, the student will be without thinking and understanding, and all attempts to memorize will be a waste of time, so the student must be loving and enthusiastic about studying, and loving the subject that he memorizes and studies, and this enthusiasm will preserve the information in the memory for a longer period.
  • Switching study topics: Being immersed in one topic may exhaust a great effort from the student, and the best thing to do in this case is to diversify between the topics required of him to study, and half an hour can be distributed to each topic, and take a break between topics, and this is a very effective strategy in maintaining the focus and activity of the brain in studying.

 Another memorizing tips 

  • Self-test: upon completion of the study of a particular subject. The student should not repeat it often in the same manner; He can test himself by solving external questions, solving book questions. Or writing new examples, and can also review the material with friends, and exchange many questions on each topic; To make the study comprehensive and enjoyable.
  • Review periodically: It is known that the more the brain learns about a particular topic over and over. It remembers it more quickly and efficiently. And the review is not only by repeating the information; The student can repeat the material, and test himself in it after a day or two. After which he will review it again, and so on until the time for the exam comes, the brain will never have difficulty in retrieving the information that it has memorized. And the materials will not require much effort when re-studying them.

 Methods of concentration in study and speed of memorizing: 

History subject depends primarily on understanding:

It has been deposited in the minds of the students that most of the subjects depend mainly on memorization and this is a wrong image. The evidence for this is do you remember the past events in your life and the lives of your families. Because you wrote them down in diaries or because you coexisted with them and absorbed their events!! This is also the case, for example, in the subject of history. We will comprehend its events and confirm them with memorization. It is not correct to memorize anything without understanding it. Otherwise we will become like a machine that if you order it to destroy itself, it will not hesitate. You are a person who understands and feels, not a machine.

And the question? It is studying how to start a correct manner?

  • Don't get distracted by just one source:
  • Many students are hesitant while studying. As they study the lesson from several books and a lieutenant at the same time, so their eyes become scattered among all these papers. Which leads to wasting their time and not understanding anything.
  • For this, dear student, while studying a lesson in history, you have to study in one book or one binding and do not look at anything else to help you focus.
  • Do not always forget when studying any part to re-read it from the textbook because the question formula in the exam is taken from it and understanding the question is considered the correct beginning of the answer.
  • Always write what I remember in the form of titles for easy review.
  • Remember, dear student, that achieving demands is not wishful thinking, but it takes the world by storm.
  • Use all your senses to study:
  • God has honored man with many senses (seeing - hearing - speaking - understanding - remembering). Despite that, the student neglects all of this and does not try to benefit from it. It is possible to take advantage of all these senses while studying.
  • Read the part that you will study in full twice, once by eye only until you absorb it, and the second time in an audible voice and calmly without rushing until the subject settles in your mind through (pronunciation - eye - hearing - understanding).
  • Divide the topic into small parts, then read it as well as for the first time, and then rewrite what you read in an external paper several times, so that you will never forget, God willing.

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