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How do you format a thesis title page?

How do you format a thesis title page?
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?How do you format a thesis title page


If you have reached the stage of preparing your academic thesis. Then you have undoubtedly come a long way in your educational career. And you are now almost at the end of the path. The main objective of the academic scientific research is to demonstrate your skills. And ability to prepare in-depth research in your chosen field of specialization. And then present your findings in the form of a single. Original document that adds value to the current academic and scientific communities. Not only that, you also have to make your scientific research interesting and unique, different from other previously published academic papers and research papers. All of these conditions may put you under tremendous pressure. And make the task of writing a scientific research a difficult and difficult process that you may not know how to complete or start with.

Academic thesis means the final project submitted by a doctoral student prior to obtaining his/her degree. However, the concept of an academic scientific research has expanded to express any final project submitted by a university student before obtaining his degree, whether it is a Bachelor's, Master's or Ph.D.

 Writing thesis title 

There is no doubt that writing a postgraduate thesis is a difficult and long process that may take the scientific researcher long days and nights. He deals with scientific references and sources of all kinds. Whether they are books, mothers of books, theses and previous scientific studies; In order to write a scientific thesis related to the title of scientific research in a broad and appropriate manner. Hence, this article deals with the importance of the scientific researcher when writing his graduate thesis.

The title of the scientific thesis in the master’s or doctoral degree is important in the success of the scientific research. As it expresses the content of the scientific research and the element of attraction and suspense the reader to read the master’s thesis. In addition to the focus of the scientific scientific research discussion committee on it. And the extent to which the title expresses the content of the scientific research and also expresses the problem of the study that is being discussed In the thesis. So many foundations and conditions were set for writing the title of the scientific research in the scientific and humanistic disciplines.

The scientific conditions and controls help the subject choose the title of the scientific research in the fields of graduate studies on sound scientific grounds. Which may contribute to the acceptance of the scientific research and facilitate its publication in refereed scientific journals in various scientific and humanitarian disciplines.

 Conditions for writing the title of the thesis: 

  • Modernity and originality: The title of the master’s must be modern. And not repeated in terms of meaning, wording and expression, with the researcher avoiding repeating the titles in the previous master’s thesis. Rather, it is necessary to research and explore recent study problems and topics that were not previously studied and expressed in the title of the master’s thesis. In a modern way, as it achieves the desired benefit of scientific research and a master's.
  • Not violating morals and values: It is important when writing the title of the master’s thesis. And not to violate morals and good values ​​in society, religion and ideals. And to avoid research on topics that are contrary to Sharia and custom and those that spread toxic ideas in society and the family. Benefit and helps in solving problems and obstacles and developing methods and tools that contribute to helping society develop and advance scientifically. And contributes to public interest through the master's thesis and the title of the thesis.
  • Briefness: When writing the title of the master's thesis, the scientific researcher must write the title in a concise and concise manner, away from pretension and a lot of words that do not have a strong meaning for the content of the research, and the research words should not exceed more than fifteen words or their equivalent of 60 characters, with the necessity The brevity does not cause a lack of clarification of the meaning and content of the master's thesis.
  • Clarity: The title of the master’s thesis must be clear and simple, and the scholar should not use vague or unclear words in it. The researcher must also use vocabulary that explains the content of the master’s thesis and does not allow the reader to interpret it. Rather, it must be completely clear.
  • Linguistic integrity: When writing the title of the master’s thesis, the scientific researcher must take into account the grammatical and linguistic integrity of the title, by referring to language sources, dictionaries and translations to obtain the correct way of writing the word and sentence, which highlights the research and the thesis of the master’s thesis in a strong and influential way and helps in its acceptance and dissemination.

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 Why is it such a difficult task to write a thesis? 

Most of the students start writing the thesis with great enthusiasm, but soon this great project plunges them into a sea of ​​despair and frustration. No wonder, the planning, research, and writing process will be the longest, and probably most complex, challenge you've ever taken! The result of all this fatigue will undoubtedly be satisfactory, but you will inevitably encounter many difficulties and obstacles before reaching the end of the path.

 Here are three main reasons why the thesis writing process is a difficult challenge for the vast majority of students: 

  1. Procrastination: Many students think that they have a lot of time to work on the project, so they keep delaying the start of work on it as a result. It's a really big problem, because these students later sink into panic attacks as the thesis deadline approaches, and they find themselves way too late.
  2. Lack of sufficient research skills: Many students lack sufficient experience in academic writing, and they think that they can gather some relevant sources and references and then extract information from them to get a ready thesis! But the matter is quite different. In-depth research must be done, its results analyzed well, and then discussed in detail in your thesis.
  3. Lack of writing skills: The academic thesis is subject to many strict academic writing rules and laws. Starting from the method of writing the title, through the style and forms of writing, to the documentation of references according to precise specific systems. Unless you have advanced writing skills, the thesis writing process will become complex and stressful.
  1. Academic supervisor and absence: The university or academic supervisor is always busy, working, bad at the university, teaching, or covering his social life. Which affects your productivity as a graduate researcher? And it is impossible to avoid this situation, to ensure the success of the scientific thesis, and obtain Master's degree. You should consider approaching the university supervisor.
  2. Material and time ceiling: Yes, and certainly. You have two years or more to prepare for your academic studies. And within the period you will have to spend the high material costs. In addition to the time factor, that is, the time lost on a master’s degree. Which may affect your productivity and reduce your financial ceiling. As most academic studies It depends on the financial ceiling and the high costs, and in particular. The provision of references and studies. As it is a costly matter for the academic researcher.

 Importance of writing a thesis 

Providing the scientific researcher with knowledge about his scientific field.

Writing a postgraduate thesis deals with the problem of the scientific study. And the main question and sub-questions of the scientific study that the scientific researcher deals with in his scientific thesis. And this helps him to develop his own knowledge about the subject of his scientific study. After referring to previous scientific studies that deal with the variables of the title of his scientific study.

Providing the scientific researcher with expertise in his scientific field.

Writing a scientific thesis enables the scientific researcher to develop himself and thus gain experience about his scientific specialization. Although the scientific researcher will not be able to answer all the questions related to his scientific specialization. He will be able to answer the questions related to his scientific thesis; This is because the scientific researcher resorts to many scientific references of all kinds that provide him with information about his scientific thesis.

It helps the scientific researcher to speak fluently in conferences related to his scientific field.

Writing a scientific thesis provides the scientific researcher with confidence about providing others with information, whether in seminars and conferences. Regarding the variables of his scientific thesis and the latest sciences reached by researchers and scholars in his scientific field. From researchers and colleagues who had addressed one of the variables of his scientific research in their theses.

It provides the scientific researcher with patience and accustoms him to perseverance.

There is no doubt that writing a scientific thesis requires a lot of patience. This is because it is one of the requirements, especially the basics of completing postgraduate studies. Whether it is a master's or doctorate. It also accustoms him to perseverance. Because writing a scientific thesis requires the scientific researcher to continuously research and communicate with his academic supervisor.


Writing an academic thesis is undoubtedly a great challenge that many students fail to tackle and successfully overcome. Not because of their lack of abilities, but because of some gaps in their research and writing skills. When you start writing your thesis. And before you plunge yourself into a state of panic and terror over this important challenge. Always remember that you have reached this final stage in your academic career, and there is no turning back now. Don't view the scientific research as a big scary monster. Instead, break it down into small stages and give each stage enough time. Then make sure you complete each stage in time. Little by little you will find yourself making significant progress, and things will seem easier than you imagined. Also, this comprehensive guide will be a good companion for you on your writing journey.

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