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Professional Translation Service for Individuals and Institutions - Al-Manara Consultancy

Professional Translation Service for Individuals and Institutions - Al-Manara Consultancy
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You do not need to search for professional translation offices for documents or translation companies. Al-Manara Consultancy Company responds to translation tasks directly and promptly 24/7. It has experts in the fields of literary, academic, and technical translation among others. We abide by the rules of crafting powerful phrases and we make sure the texts are devoid of language errors. Those who read the translated texts feel like they are reading an original document in its mother language.

 Academic Translation 

Our academic experience has made us the best translator of academic theses. We provide translation service of abstracts and scientific studies in an academic style while maintaining the aims of the original texts and without affecting the spirit of the text. One of our most important points of strength is that we do not trust machine translation programs.

 Translation of Academic Research, Master's and Doctoral Theses 

The translator of academic research should meet certain criteria, the most important of which is that the translator is academically qualified and familiar with the components of the published research, as the academic translation has rules that cannot be waived. The translator must display honesty and objectivity in the translation, so as to convey ideas and facts in a sound and error-free manner.

 Paper, Research Reference and Academic Report Translation 

We provide you with academic translation of papers, research references and academic reports, as we at Al-Manara website provide one of the best services in the field of translation, while ensuring that the highest academic quality standards are met.

 Literary Translation 

Our team of countless professional translators offers you a professional literary translation such as book translation, story translation, philosophical treatise translation or essay translation. We have the necessary competence and expertise to perform all literary translation work. We are one of the best and most renowned literary translation institutions. The literary translation service includes:

 Translation of Novels and Stories 

This will be done by translators who are skilled in the target language specifically aiming for the best possible translation. The literary translation service requires writing skills as well as language knowledge.

 Scripts, Articles and Newspapers 

Professional literary translation of all your texts by countless expert translators. This includes book translation, story translation, philosophical text translation and essay translation.

 Translation of Print and Electronic Books 

Al-Manara employs translators who specialize in many fields such as the translation of professional e-books, print books, math books, brochures, magazines, stories, plays, scripts, presentations, novels, philosophical, literary and Islamic translation.

 Professional Medical Translation 

Al-Manara provides professional medical translation services, which include translation of medical studies, reports and research, pharmaceutical periodicals, medical analysis and reports of radiology, as well as translation of bulletins for various medical products. The professional medical translation service covers all fields of medicine and its various sub-specialties.

 Legal Translation 

We work in the field of legal translation, ready to translate documents, contracts, provisions and official documents and everything related to the law. We put into consideration the correct notations, punctuation, and we organize the documents in the proper format.

 Technical Translation 

 At Al-Manara Consultancy we offer services in the field of technical translation, and we are ready to translate all forms of documents, contracts, provisions and official papers and everything related to the law. It is one of our professional and carefully prepared services to ensure accurate results.

 Marketing Translation 

You will no longer need to resort to regular marketing translation offices or look for unstable and overpriced quotes anymore. Al-Manara is an effective and prudent choice for professional marketing translation that is perfectly aligned with different marketing sectors, such as tourism translation marketing projects.  At Al-Manara, you can get a translation that is strictly in line with the marketing strategy.

 Video and Visual Content Translation 

The service of translation of films and videos and providing them with high-quality and efficient subtitles. Movies and videos are watched and translated by a specialist in transcription and professional translation.

  Professional Commercial Translation for Companies 

Commercial and corporate translation service is a special service that provides translators with a special background in the world of contracting and transactions between companies. Some examples of professional commercial translation service include the translation of letters of guarantee, letters of request, letters of remittance, deposit and transaction paperwork, official correspondence, translation of commercial records and any other type of translation of professional commercial files.

 Document Translation 

We provide a document translation service, which includes translation of all official and non-official documents and certificates by experienced and efficient translators.

 Article Translation 

We offer you a translation service for articles of all kinds and forms, scientific articles, literary articles, vocational articles and others.

 Equivalency Certificates Translation 

At Al-Manara Consultancy, we have a distinguished team in translating equivalency certificates of scientific degrees. We focus in this service on providing accurate and impeccable professional translation in terms of the accurate selection of meanings, synonyms, scientific terms and correct understanding of the content of the certificate before starting the translation.

 Translation of Consulate Documents 

We provide you with accurate translation of the professional consulate papers as well as translation services related to visa application form, birth certificates, general proxy, criminal records, commercial registers, consulate translation services online, immigration application forms, airline tickets, emails, etc.

 CV Translation 

One of the most demanding translation projects that require care and accuracy is the translation of the CV because it is a translation of people’s lives, and we provide the CV translation service from Arabic to English or vice versa. In addition, we can translate the CV to any other language as per the client’s request.

 This service guarantees 

  • Translation at your Fingertips: You can get our translation services without having to visit any office. Just contact us directly and provide us with a copy of the work, we will directly translate the work, and deliver it to you immediately upon completion.

  • High Quality Translation: The translated files are edited with reference to grammar, spelling, and professional translation rules by our quality assurance team. Our team also strives to maintain the meaning and structure of the language, notation, punctuation, and the proper formatting of the file before delivering it. 

  • Fast Delivery and Right on Time: We recognize the importance of time for all our clients, so it is our priority to have the translated work delivered on time.

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