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Components of a scientific research summary

Components of a scientific research summary
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The abstract of the scientific research is described as a short inferential reference article written in the form of one paragraph. And its words should not exceed 250 words, so it is an early review of the work. The summary paragraph includes a number of interrelated sentences that reflect the work performed. Provided that the reader is provided with scientific information that can be employed in other writings within the limits of the specialization.

One of the most important elements that scientific research must possess. Also its purpose is to determine the research topic from the topic of discussion according to the topic of discussion. Because it can be considered the abstract form of the proposed research and scientific research. Just like the previous research, it needs a lot of effort, careful research, and scientific research needs some citations. And it can help students to get information, and the scientific research summary includes many necessary contents and items.

There are several reasons for writing summaries, including the two most important: selection and indexing. Summaries help the reader to quickly decide whether an extended work is worth reading. Abstracts may be needed in different types of selection processes. Such as grants and funding, articles submitted to journals, book projects submitted to potential publishers. And requests to participate in conferences, workshops or training courses. Also, a large number of online databases use abstracts to index and categorize extensive work within a particular discipline or field. That's why summaries should include keywords and keyword phrases that make it easy to find them.

 What are the components of a scientific research summary? 

When writing any summary of any scientific research, you must pay attention to the elements of the summary of scientific research to facilitate the process of summarizing the scientific research. As you must focus on these elements that may facilitate the process of summarizing. Which will save us time and effort to write a correct summary with free of errors as much as possible. Here are the components of the scientific research summary:

  1. Basic data: The abstract of the scientific research consists of the basic data of the person who proposed the research, the name of the research. The number of pages, the title and the name of the lecturer who will discuss the research with the students in the research.
  2. Title: One of the most important elements of the scientific research summary. It must fully include the content included in the scientific research, and it must not contain any linguistic or grammatical errors.
  3. Introduction: This is a brief summary of the research itself, and it should not be exaggerated. Researchers can put forward theories and references to the theories and ideas on which the research is based. As well as ideas or theories put forward by scholars who put forward similar views.
  4. Research limitations: Research limitations include the time that must be mastered in the research. The time required to complete the research. And the limitations that can be used in the preparation of the research
  5. The purpose of the research: The purpose of the research is what the researcher does and begins to do, something that must be achieved. And the language of the scientific research is determined by the topic of discussion and the degree of the topic of discussion.

 The other components of a scientific research summary 

  1. Questions and Hypotheses: Depending on the content of the paper. Whether it is scientific or problematic, for example, if the scientific paper is based on a hypothesis. Then researchers will work hard to realize it and prove its validity in the scientific life.
  2. Research results: It relates to the questions contained in the search results and also contains answers to previously asked questions. And these results indicate the degree of success of the presented research. If it is a scientific research.
  3. Research Suggestion: In this part the researcher tries to show his personality. What will happen in the future, and the work he will seek to achieve and engage in.

The process of summarizing the content of scientific research and previous studies requires many conditions that must be met. Depending on each component (requirement) of the components of summarizing the content of the research or previous studies as follows:

  • The components of the summary clarify the general concept of the idea of ​​the previous studies in a way that does not violate the meaning.
  • The process of writing information about the hypotheses mentioned in the previous studies is done with the components of the summary. Including these hypotheses with the processes obtained.
  • Results of previous studies are abbreviated with the process of writing the results information related to the current research topic. And the summary components work to highlight the results directly or with the process of writing simple introductions to the results.
  • Variables as components of a summary of the content of the scientific research must include the two types of variables with mentioning the discovered links between them.
  • The important information that the researcher wants. And that is included within the components of the summary in the drafting must be factual information that is really present in the content of the previous studies.

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 The importance of components for summarizing a research 

Components of summarizing the content of previous studies or scientific research are of multiple importance, including:

  1. Through the basic summary components of the content of the previous studies, the researcher is able to take important information from the entire content of the previous studies.
  2. The components of summarizing the content of the previous studies in themselves are the result of ijtihad. And this means that there is a possibility of other tools. But the classification of some axes as basic summary tools contributes to simplifying the process of shortening the content of previous studies. The components of summarizing the content of the previous studies work to identify the elements that the researcher needs in his research.
  3. The components of summarizing the content of previous studies highlight the information of the hypotheses contained and stand on their merits in a concise and direct manner.
  4. Components of summarizing previous studies explain the variables and their links in the content of previous studies.
  5. The researcher’s ideas may be scattered in terms of abbreviating the formative content in the previous studies. And with the summary component of this. He is able to get his hands on the most important information he needs from the content.
  6. The summarized components of the content of previous studies put the results in the framework of use and prepare for the comparison process.

 How to summarize a scientific research 

At first, we read the research in a quick and comprehensive way; In order to know the main ideas and points within it, and to determine the idea that revolves around the research. After reading the research, and knowing the basic ideas, we have determined the nature of the information in the research. Then we conclude the main topic around which the research revolves. And formulate it in a simple way while preserving the origin of the idea. Then, you start writing basic and important information in bullet points. So read the sub-information again, and summarize the heart of the matter from it. And link the main ideas to the sub-ideas in an easy and sequential way. So that we write the important text, and then write the less important text. If the scientific research talks about religious topics.

And we notice that there are many repeated religious evidences on the same topic. It is preferable not to repeat the evidence that speaks on the same topic, and to be satisfied with one witness to clarify and confirm the information. But if the scientific research talks about mathematical and arithmetic issues. Then on this subject we will not be able to change much in ideas; Because they are calculations and numbers, and any small mistake may lead to not understanding the issue. And not solving it in the right way. Therefore, it is preferable to take the examples as they are. But if there is more than one example in the same topic. There is no need to write them all, but write one example On each topic so as not to repeat the same ideas.


We can change the order and organization of historical texts. Also it is preferable to summarize them in a short way. But without changing anything in the dates, or the sequence of times and stories. And if we notice that there is some unimportant information that can be dispensed with. review the main themes and ideas; To make sure we didn't forget to write anything important in the summary. Ensure that the summary is comprehensive, and explains the important points concisely and in a simplified manner; So that we do not feel difficult to review the summary and read it again. Ensure that the summary is balanced, so that one paragraph does not overwhelm the rest of the paragraphs. Rather, we write the paragraphs in a balanced, equal and consistent manner. Don't rush to finish the book summary quickly.

 Components of a Scientific Report/ Research Paper 


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