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How can I remember everything I study?

How can I remember everything I study?
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 Memory and forgetting when studying 

Every person needs to remember the things he is going through. whether they are study materials, information about work. The names of the characters he meets, his dates and tasks, or anything else. But with so many responsibilities and tasks often intersecting, we often forget. Even if we write down this information or create our own to-do list. Scientists say that the human brain is capable of holding billions of information, but why can't we remember it? We forget not because the information has flown out of our brains, it is already there. The mind records everything that it passes through during the day from sensory inputs such as sounds and observations in temporary working memory and long-term memory.

 First: Memory and Remembrance 

So, memory is defined as the process of storing data in the brain and the ability to retrieve it. It should also be noted that memory is not a fixed physical thing in the brain. But rather a group of chemical processes between neurons. And it is not fixed as some of its parts can fade or disappear. The memory includes three types: sensory memory, which is not consciously controlled, short-term memory. Which retains specific information, and long-term memory, which is characterized by its ability to store an unlimited amount of information.

Memory is one of the skills that can be developed through proper guidance and practice, and it is the repository of information in humans, and it has several functions; Including the sensory function, where it receives information from the sensory organs of the human being, and retains it for a period of seconds until a conscious mental process occurs, and that information is processed in the short-term memory at first, either completely forgotten, or stored in the long-term memory.

 Secondly: As for forgetting 

Forgetting: Forgetting is defined as the inability to retrieve the information that is stored in the human brain, and some scholars indicate that the brain can accommodate data of nearly one hundred million huge books, so what many students say about their heads being filled, or the inability to assimilate more information, all of which are statements that have no scientific basis. There is a wrong belief spread by some non-specialists, which is that the big head is evidence of intelligence and great mental abilities, and this is one of the things that is not correct from the scientific point of view, and we have in the whale and the elephant an example of that; Their heads are much larger than humans, yet they are less intelligent.

In this article, we will provide tips to strengthen memory and focus; Through some means, and its simple methods.

 Tips to improve memory and focus: 

  1. Avoid nervousness and tension: Staying away from nervousness is at the forefront of advice to strengthen memory and focus, and it is natural that the degree of concentration of the student who deals nervously with the curricula will be affected, and he will not have any chance of absorbing the scientific materials he studies, and the best way to avoid stress is to seek help from God, who is the mastermind of all things Our lives, nothing will harm you or benefit you except by God’s permission.
  2. Study in quiet places: This is one of the best tips for strengthening memory and concentration, and it is natural that a confused thought does not help the student to establish the information.
  3. Go to bed early and get enough sleep: This is one of the most important tips for strengthening memory and concentration, and there are many who pay attention to this, so you find them sleeping throughout the day, and studying during the night period, and therefore they have a defect in comprehension, and no matter how long the student studies during the night, it will not be sufficiently useful.
  4. Scientific communication and exchange of experiences: This method is considered one of the things that contribute to strengthening memory and concentration. The person is by nature friendly and social, and information can be remembered through conversations about scientific subjects that attract students.
  5. Determine all work related to studying this morning: Determining tasks in advance is one of the factors that contribute to not forgetting any of the things. Whatever the degree of human mental activity, he is likely to forget any of the items he would like to do.

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 Two more tips to improve memory and focus: 

  1. Never do more than one job at the same time: This is very important in the tips for strengthening memory and concentration. as you will not accomplish anything if you do various tasks at the same time. For example, there are some students or researchers who study one of the scientific subjects. and at the same time they read another subject or anything else, and that is a waste of time.
  2. Attention to games that move the mind: These are some of the tips that contribute to strengthening memory and concentration. and there are more games on the computer at the present time. There are also typical games that can help in that, such as chess, and it is preferable if it is done after studying.

 Ways to remember and not forget 

There are many ways to memorize and not forget which its considered best ways to keep on studying in the right way, including the following:

  1. Self-confidence: As self-confidence and self-assurance; It helps the individual to make a lot of effort to achieve greater success, in addition to the challenge he faces; In order to prove to himself and others the best that he can do in terms of multiple successes.
  2. Make sure you understand what is read before memorizing: when you start studying; The reading must be properly understood; In order to help memory recall information, otherwise it will be difficult to remember information without understanding it.
  3. Writing information during study: As the repetition of writing words and information; Helps fix information in memory; So, you remember it faster.
  4. Innovation: the use of a new method of study; Like working on composing the words in the form of a song. As the songs are easy to memorize and remember.
  5. Rounding and linking information: by linking information to actual events, or similar situations, or rounding names to similar names from other names.

 Additional recommended ways to improve memorization and not forgetting 

  1. Changing the place: When studying, it is recommended to change the place; Whereas, when you change your location; This helps the memory to recall the information according to the place where you read the information in that place.
  2. Smell a specific type of perfume: While studying, smell a specific smell of perfume; Then apply the same perfume during the test or when this information is needed; And when you smell this smell, it is easy to remember the information.
  3. Linking serial information to a specific place: for example, when performing several steps for a specific topic; Imagine that you want to move from one place to another, or prepare for dessert and the like.
  4. Doing the experience of taking the test: by sitting and recalling the information in memory. Trying to formulate questions, and then answering them. And imagining that these questions are the same as the test questions.
  5. Exercising: because of its great benefits; As it helps to stimulate blood circulation; Thus activating the memory.
  6. Good nutrition: Appropriate amounts of healthy food must be eaten, including vitamins, minerals, and others.
  7. Adequate sleep: Sufficient sleep must be taken. So that the mind gives the period of time to rest, and not to be tired; So, the tension is gone.

 How to remember memorize while studying 

Here are some ways to memorize information while studying:

  • Read the information out loud and repeat it’s necessary when memorizing information to read this information aloud with its repetition. And this repetition must be spaced and at intervals. And these periods ensure the proper preservation and retrieval of information in a better way. Which is called frequent spaced retrieval.
  • Use the linking method. The linking method is a real difference between slow learners and fast learners. As linking information is a smart way to deal with ideas and facilitate their memorization. This method is called contextual learning. and the method of linking varies according to the student.
  • Use the abbreviations method. It is possible to create shortcuts that evoke the saved information and retrieve it, for example, a word game or an abbreviation is used that contains the letters that make up the words by forming a sentence of these letters that can be remembered, and it is possible to link the information with pictures as well, especially if the student prefers the visual field .
  • Write information in your notebook One of the ways to memorize and remember information is to write the information to be saved on the notebook. This is a technique for deconstructing and reconstructing ideas. which is an attempt to understand complex concepts. As this data is represented in the form of a table or tree.

 Effective methods to help you remember while studying 

  • Take notes and rehear them. It is necessary to understand the information while in the classroom and record it in order to listen to it again in order to avoid losing time or information in the lectures due to the short time and the inability of the learner to take all the notes mentioned in the lecture.
  • Use flashcards are small note cards used to test and improve memory by retrieving memorized information, and they are an effective way to memorize basic concepts, terms and concepts, and an ideal teaching tool for children and facilitate the process of retrieving and liberating information from memory.
  • Use Storytelling A storytelling is a good technique for communicating and instilling information to the recipient. By linking information to the events of the story that was mentioned, difficult concepts in different fields can be learned by integrating reason, emotion and imagination at the same time.
  • Test yourself or make someone else do this. The self-test method is an important way to retrieve and remember information. It is also a successful study method. The student asks himself and anticipates questions about the ideas he is studying. And then throws these questions to himself and answers them even those questions that. The student thinks he knows the answer.

 Video: How I Remember Everything I Read 


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