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?What is review of previous studies

?What is review of previous studies
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?What is review of previous studies 

Previous studies are one of the most important parts of scientific research, as scientific research cannot be a valid and integrated scientific research if it does not contain the previous studies part. Therefore, it can be said that the study's summary of previous studies is one of the things that interest many researchers and students. This is due to the extent of the importance of the previous studies part as a major component of the research. Writing a good research gives the previous studies the results that the scientific researcher reached upon completing a research that deals with a specific topic.

As the produced scientific research becomes a new reference for upcoming research dealing with the same topic of scientific research. All those working in the field of scientific research know that research plan is the key to admission to universities.

And we have never been refused a plan. Contact us now from here. Where the previous studies are meant by the previous research group that would contain the researcher’s topic that he deals with in the scientific research. So the previous studies study the topic that the scientific researcher deals with in his research and discussion. As the scientific researcher depends on these studies; This is in order to analyze its content and study it as required. And thus determine the comparisons between previous studies and the scientific research dealt with by the researcher.

Information of previews studies

The previous studies part is considered an independent part of the scientific research. As it constitute the second section of the theoretical framework for the scientific research. And there is no doubt that the previous studies is a part closely related to the theoretical framework. And its also contributes to enriching the scientific research. Because the its provide good information about the research topic that the scientific researcher is looking for. And this helps the scientific researcher to be familiar with all the information and dimensions that previous studies draw on the subject of research.

Previous studies increase the awareness of the scientific researcher regarding the repetition of it. As the scientific researcher is aware of the content of previous studies. And thus avoids repetition. In addition, it have a major role in preventing researchers from making the mistakes made by their predecessors.

Studies may consist of a simple summary of the main sources. But they usually have an organizational pattern and combine both summary and synthesis, often within specific conceptual categories. What is the difference between summarizing or summarizing studies and all studies?

It is a reorganization, or re-mixing, of that information in a way that teaches how you plan to investigate the problem of scientific research. The analytical features of previous studies may be, but in terms of the importance of previous studies that are done in a good manner and style.

they are summarized in three points, which are the following:

  1. Giving a new interpretation of the old material (previous studies) or combining the new and the old interpretations.
  2. Keep track of the intellectual progress of the field, including key discussions.
  3. Depending on the situation, evaluate the sources and advise the reader on what is most relevant to the topic. Or usually at the conclusion of previous studies, identify where there are gaps in how a problem has been found.

The research process often begins with a question that the researcher wants to answer. In order to identify other research that addressed this question and know what is already known about it. The researcher will conduct previous studies. This entails examining scientific books, articles and journals, and sometimes additional resources such as conference proceedings and scientific theses. To learn about previous research related to the question, researchers want to be able to determine what is already known about the question and build on existing knowledge. Research method or methods, collecting and analyzing data, and reflecting on what has been learned.

Academic scientific research follows this same general outline as it begins with an introduction and defining the study question, presenting previous studies, defining and explaining the theory and hypotheses that guide scientific research, describing scientific research methods, presenting the results. And discussing the results of scientific research.

When choosing the studies that will be relied upon as a source of information in writing scientific research. There are a set of considerations that you as a researcher must take into account in order for your selection of these studies to be appropriate. Through these studies, you as a researcher will be able to obtain a set of benefits. The most important of which is obtaining the approval of the evaluation committee or Reviewers for the study you provide.

previous studies

Consider the following issues before writing :

  • Clarification:
    If your assignment is not very specific about the form that previous studies of scientific research should take, seek clarification from your supervisor by asking the following questions:
  • What types of sources should I review (books, press articles, websites, previous studies)?
  • Should I summarize, compile, or critique your sources by discussing a common topic or issue?
  • And should I evaluate the sources?
  • Should I provide subheadings and other basic information, such as definitions or history?
  • Find Models:
    Use the Prior Studies exercise to examine how researchers in your area of ​​interest have composed their prior studies. Read it to learn about the types of topics you might want to research in your research or ways to organize the final studies. The ones you've already read are excellent entry points into your scholarly research.
  • Narrow the topic:
    the narrower your topic. The easier it is to determine how many sources and studies you need to read in order to get a good survey of relevant resources and studies. Your supervisor probably won't expect you to read all that is available on the topic. But you will make your work easier if you First by defining the scope of the research problem. A good strategy is to start by searching the HOMER catalog for books on the topic. And their content studies for chapters that focus on more specific issues. For example, a book reviewing the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might include a chapter on the role Egypt played in mediating the conflict.

  • Consider whether previous studies are recent: Some disciplines require that information be used as up-to-date as possible. A survey of the history of is required because what matters is how views have changed over the years or over a certain period of time. Try sorting some current studies or other previous studies in the field to get an idea of ​​what your major expects. You can also use this method to look at what researchers consider A "hot topic" and what is not.
  • Therefore, studies are topics related to the topic of research directly or indirectly. As for the sources and references, they are a large amount of information that is not required to be directly related to the topic of the research until the researcher can use it to clarify a particular idea or to build conclusions based on the basic information that It exists in it. And therefore not every source or reference can be considered from previous studies.

There is a set of methods that researchers rely on in presenting it when writing their scientific research. The researcher must choose the appropriate method for presenting studies by identifying the appropriate method according to the topic he is writing about.

The most important methods that are followed in presenting studies are:

  1. Display according to the historical sequence of studies:
    where previous studies related to the topic you are studying are collected. And then you display a summary of these studies based on the date on which these studies were issued, and in most cases these studies are arranged from the oldest to the most recent. As you, as a researcher, must To present the development that the subject has undergone through its historical sequence in various studies.
  2. Presentation by topic of studies.
    Where the division is based on the variables that make up the subject of the research, the studies that dealt with each variable are presented separately in sub-headings. Where the writer displays under each title the previous studies through which the researchers studied this variable. And in the last chapter Previous studies A group of studies that dealt with variables with each other are presented. If such studies are found.
  3. Presentation of studies according to study summary:
    In this method, previous studies that dealt with research variables are presented, and then as a researcher, you display a summary of these studies by writing the name of the researcher and the year of publication of each one of the studies, followed by a summary of the most important points contained in each study, Such as the title of the study and the objectives that the researcher sought to achieve through the study, in addition to the methodology he followed, with an explanation of the nature of the sample that was selected and what is the tool he relied on to obtain data describing the nature and characteristics of this sample, and clarifying the most important results obtained Each of these studies in addition to the recommendations and suggestions that the researcher came out with at the end of the study.


There are a number of other methods that you can rely on as a researcher in presenting previous studies in your scientific research, but they are not common among researchers due to the scarcity of the need for them, because these methods are suitable for special types of scientific research and specific purposes that fit the goals of the researcher in writing the research.

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