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Is it safe to check plagiarism online؟

Is it safe to check plagiarism online؟
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? Is it safe to check plagiarism online 

 Introduction to Plagiarism Online 

Plagiarism is a legal procedure that must be carried out by the concerned authorities in order to determine if the written work is the author's own production. Or is considered a scam of certain phrases. Texts and ideas. Plagiarism examination represents a determination of the extent of the author's scam of what has been written in the literary work in question. Therefore, the scam examination rate is the determination of the author's scam rate on the texts of a subject.

Examination of plagiarism (plagiarism online) of research. Studies and academic letters from services that protect the researcher from the risk of rejection of the research or thesis due to high scam rates. One of the most common problems that a scientific researcher suffers in the field of research. And studies is the problem of scam. Or plagiarism, which is known as scam. Therefore, we offer a study company for scientific research and certified translation services to examine and review scientific texts; To ensure that it is free of scam

Undoubtedly, the most important question here is: What is meant by an examination of plagiarism? Examination of the literary work dealt with, which reveals the extent to which the writer has taken texts from other sources that carry ideas of his own. Is called the examination of plagiarism or the examination of plagiarism. Which results in revealing the extent to which the writer has plagiarized texts that were not written by him.

Identification of Plagiarism Online

Plagiarism Online includes which is one of the most dangerous steps a writer can take when writing about a particular topic. Plagiarism includes examination. Because many texts plagiarized from a certain author on a specific topic include new ideas. Especially for each text has a special idea that was composed by the real author. Whether in word or meaning, this is both literary and intellectual theft.

The plagiarism examination aims, or as some call it, plagiarism examination. In addition, a disclosure that clarifies what phrases and texts have been plagiarized and sets the scam percentage for each paragraph. Or the total percentage of the entire work on which the scam examination was conducted. This disclosure is called scam detection. Which results in accountability Based on this plagiarism or scam theft of many texts written by a competent author. Who has spent years of his life in order to make the text that was stolen and ideas codified from the text that was plagiarized and revealed through the scam screening program.

 Plagiarism Online detection process 

The seriousness of the crime of plagiarism works to adopt the principle of searching for its citizens and identifying in all types of content to combat and warn against it. In fact, the process that performs these tasks is called the process of detecting the crime of scam in the content. And the process of detecting scam is carried out with the following determinants:

  • The process of revealing the locations of texts taken from plagiarism in the content. Where the part, whether it is a word, phrase, paragraph, or more than that of chapters, and perhaps complete content.
  • Detecting the percentage of the amount in the content behind the crime of plagiarism.
  • The process of disclosing the original content of the crime of plagiarism.

The process of detecting the crime of scam can be defined . As a process in which the entire content is examined to determine whether or not it is exposed to the crime of scam. And the process of detecting scam is carried out by persons with competence and broad knowledge in the same field of content. Or this detection process is carried out through a specialized program to detect the crime of scam.

There are several ways through which the process of detecting the crime of plagiarism online is implemented in the content of intellectual production. And these methods are divided into two main ways:

First: The subjective method of detecting the crime of plagiarism: In this method, scam is detected by reading the content from beginning to end. Then presenting the content to the person’s archives or the intellectual library product, comparing it with it. And knowing the result of the detection.

Among the determinants of this method of detecting the crime of plagiarism:

  • This method of detection is performed only by persons of competence and broad culture.
  • These people must be completely credible, objective and impartial in the implementation of the process of exposing the crime of scam in the content in their hands.
  • It is not a requirement that the method of detection be based on the similarity of words between the original content and the content of scam. Rather, it goes beyond that because of the crime of plagiarism in the meaning. And the lack of proper documentation of quotes from the content.

Second: The software method of the process of detecting the crime of scam:

 Plagiarism Online detection software 

There are many specialized programs for the process of detecting the crime of plagiarism. Therefore, among these programs comes the authenticate program. Which is spread in many societies and research centers as one of the programs of the process of detecting the crime of plagiarism. This program is characterized by the following:

  • Ithenticate software is widely trusted which is evident from its wide use around the world.
  • The ithenticate program performs the process of detecting scam with easy and simple steps. You start by pasting the verified content on the work page in the program. Then selecting this content and pressing the (verify) icon; In order for the program to show the percentage of the crime of scam in the entire attached content. As well as to determine the locations of scam in the content.
  • The ithenticate program accepts disclosure of all forms of content, whether literary or scientific: (research, studies, books, letters).
  • What distinguishes the ithenticate program in the process of detecting the crime of scam is its comparison of the content with a huge amount of content spread on the Internet. And the exploratory ability of the program reaches to compare with more than 3 million research. And books and more than 80 thousand scientific newspapers and magazines.
  • ithenticate scam check supports many major languages.
  • In the original version of the program requires payment of a fee for the service of detecting the crime of plagiarism, and this fee is approximately $ 50 per 2500 words.

plagiarism check

Another scam software tools

One of the excellent programs in carrying out the process of checking for plagiarism in content, is the small SEO tools program. Where this program depends in its programming on (keywords). Which works to compare the attached content with many similar content on the Internet. And the SEO system for small program SEO tools precisely defines the content area. And thus the chance of error is low.

In the process of detecting the crime of scam, the small SEO tools program depends on comparing the content with synonymous words. And synonymous formatting as well. In the process of examining the crime of scam. The small SEO tools program performs This process is free of charge for content that does not exceed 1500 words. And the small SEO tools program determines the full percentage of the crime of plagiarism. And determines the words and phrases in the text in yellow. ut it is taken on this program that it compares the text with what is found in the open sites only. He does not touch her.

 When is a scam examination considered complete and what tools are used for the examination? 

The process of examining plagiarism in texts must be completed in order to obtain clear results, Therefore, this examination process is complete with the following limitations:

  1. Determine whether the text contains the crime of plagiarism or not.
  2. Determining the locations of scam throughout the text, and we find that a good program gives these places a yellow color.
  3. Percentage is one of the most important requirements for the examination of plagiarism, as it is judged that the text is damaged by the possibility of its correction.
  4. The examination of the crime of scam is completed by identifying the original text from which it was taken.
  5. In the traditional method of examining scam. The examiner must write an integrated report explaining his view of scam in this text.
  6. It is better to clarify whether the crime of scam was intentional or not, with justification for this ruling.

 And the plagiarism examination tools are: 

  • check for plagiarism website:

One of the most important sites for detecting plagiarism in research and scientific theses (quote ratio) and checking the originality of the research.

  • plagiarisma website

You can upload the document you want to verify its authenticity and provide the site with your data and e-mail.

  • plagiarism detect website

You can verify the authenticity of the content for 190 languages, including Arabic. By placing the text in the verification box, uploading the file. or writing its link in the space provided for that.

  • Plag tracher website:

It is one of the most important sites for examining plagiarism, and is characterized by its ease of use, and all the student has to do is put the text in the designated place and wait half an hour for the result to appear.

  • Dubli checker website:

One of the leading sites for checking plagiarism, it provides reliable results. But the only thing wrong with this site is that it is slow in showing results.

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