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What is the meaning of rewrite

What is the meaning of rewrite
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 The process of rewriting 

In simple words, rewriting means the process of writing again. Importantly, The rewriting process is a cumulative process that includes several changes of the original written document/ text. The rewriting process is a technical and analytical process which does not need creativity, because the written document already includes the writer’s ideas.  

The process of rewriting can make a lot of changes of a written document/ text; For example, it may change the arrangement of ideas and paragraphs in the written document. It may delete or add paragraphs, create new paragraph breaks, change the words sequences, and correct the punctuation mistakes.  

Remember that both the writing and the rewriting processes are not really the same, but they’re so significant for your writing. The first one is a creation process of ideas, while the latter is an analytical process of the first. You can figure out that the rewriting process is a mastered art of the writing process. 

 How important is the rewriting process in writing process? 

Importantly, if you ask yourself why the rewriting process of a written document is necessary?. In this paragraph, you will find the answer of why the rewriting process is essential. The greatest goal of doing the rewriting process is to ensure that your readers will easily understand the ideas and sentences of the written document. In addition, it’s done to ensure that these readers can follow the logical sequence of your written document.

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 Is the rewriting process the same as editing process? 

Certainly, no. the process of rewriting is a lot different from the editing process. The rewriting process is an advanced stage of editing process. You can make the editing process of your written document. Just start rewriting the edited document.

Editing process involves the structure and content of the written document. Importantly, it needs to correct found errors and creative rewording. The process of editing starts when the writing document is finished. On the other hand, the rewriting process needs deeper concentration on the entire content of the document. It is really better to divide the document into separate parts to rewrite it.

 How can you make your rewriting process easy? 

It is complicated to do the rewriting process from the first time you write. Consequently, To make your rewriting process of your written document effortless, follow these ways :

Firstly, help yourself organize your writing, and you should divide the written document into several groups according to what it needs from handling and addressing. Start from the first important part. Then go to the next little important, and so on. As a result of that, you can focus on one issue at a time. At last, you can get a draft which is better than the first piece of writing.   

Secondly, in each time you rewrite, save your draft. Because, you may need to go back to it. Making drafts will make your rewriting process easier.  

Thirdly, during your work on rewriting, make a new outline for each draft to keep your work updated, and to make you more focused on details and small issues in your writing.   

Fourthly, grab feedbacks from people who can read your writing, and can give you some typical and beneficial tips to improve your written document. The readers who can give you constructive feedbacks about your writing are the ones who’ll thrive your ability, and will revive your skills for doing the best you can in your writings.

Finally: if you are depressed, leave your document for a while to take a rest. Go back to your work with a freshened mind once it’s finished. That will make you have a pristine vision about your writing.  

 Some skills should have to make rewriting process 

In the same vein, the rewriting process needs many skills to be applied to required documents as the writing process. Not anyone can rewrite a written document, the main skills of the rewriting process are classified as groups, and it stands like:

  1. Firstly, the basic skills of the writing process, for example, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling … etc.
  2. Secondly, technical writing skills which are: analysis, data visualization, planning and feedback gathering.
  3. editing skills can pay off.
  4. collaborative writing skills like: working on Google Docs.
  5. In addition, communication skills can be so useful.

 How can you improve your writing skills? 

In the paragraph above, you’re dealing with a lot of writing skills. As a writer you may have some of these skills. However, you can improve your writing skills following these steps:

  1. Try to write your first draft of the whole written document as fast as you can. That will save your editing time for the second draft. For instance, you should delete any insignificant paragraph or sentence, or you shouldn’t add anything to your writing.
  2. Make sure that your paragraphs will catch the attention of the reader. In other words, start the paragraph by an interesting topic sentence, and make the last sentence of the paragraph smoothly show the way of the opening next paragraph.
  3. Change your sentences by asking some questions, or finish a sentence by an exclamation mark. Consequently, that will make the readers more interested in your writing.
  4. Remove words that are used a lot. Try to find other words which do have the exact meaning.
  5. Use short quotes by keeping the whole meaning to make them more intelligent than they really are.
  6. Importantly, stay away from using passive and complex past-tense verbs. For using verbs, think about immediacy and action.
  7. Finally, look at your last draft. If the writing is now conveying the tone and the action you actually want. Moreover, you’re using suitable words, adjectives and phrases. Then you can unleash your creativity and your beautiful writing
  8. In conclusion, Keywords are important to sum up the article, and to attract readers as 

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