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What should be included in a proposal

What should be included in a proposal
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While there are a lot of written documents you may ask to do them. In this article, you will be deal more with how to write a good proposal document? And how can you format your own written proposal document to get your result? Also, you read more details of basic steps to make a well-written proposal document. Moreover, you will know of the basic elements and components that structure the written proposal document. As a result, you can write an effective proposal document by focusing in this article.

 Why proposal documents are necessary? 

Firstly, before talking about the importance of a written proposal documents you should know what a proposal means? The written proposal document is the initial draft and paper which written persuade the readers about your idea.

Or the proposal may be written to solve a needed problem. Furthermore, you can write a proposal to get a governmental grant or donation from sponsors to make your own project.

There are many purposes to write a proposal document but the first and important one is to persuade. In other word, you will write a proposal to persuade readers/donors about your topic/idea.

Also, the written proposal document is a description document that briefly describes the whole information and details about your problem to solve or your topic need.

However, some say that it is simple to write a proposal document, you have to ensure that you include the basic components in your proposal document.

The length of the written proposal document differs from one proposal document to another according to proposal aim, type and problem.

For instance, a research proposal can be 3 pages long or more. But the business proposal can be at least 8 pages long.

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 Basic components of a written proposal document 

How can you format and structure your proposal document? What components should be included in the proposal document? In this paragraph, you will answer of these questions.

The basic components of the written proposal documents are ordered as follow:

  • First basic component: proposal cover letter, a cover letter is the first component of a written proposal document. Cover letter give the reader the first impression about your proposal idea. So, it is important to write a good cover for your proposal to get a good first impression. Usually, cover letter includes your project, your company name and contact information, name of the client and the date when proposal submitted.
  • Second basic component: proposal table of content, it is preferable to add table of content page to your proposal when your proposal document is more than five pages long. In other word, if your proposal document is short and less than five pages long, then you do not have to add this component.
  • Third basic component: proposal executive summary (abstract)

Third basic component of a written proposal document is the executive summary and sometimes called an abstract. Proposal executive summary is

the first important section/ component of your proposal documents because the executive summary gives the reader a brief overview about the content of the whole proposal.

Some people and experts prefer to write executive summary component at the last of the proposal document writing.

Abstract length is usually between 150-250 words and include a brief summary about the problem, objectives, methods, significance and expected outcomes.

  • Fourth basic component: proposal project/ problem description

In some cases, this component in proposal document also called the statement of problem or statement of need.  In this basic component you should explain what is the addressed problem in proposal document? Why it is important to solve this problem? Who will benefit from solving this problem/ project? In addition to, explain in details the objectives, methodology of which procedures will used to describe activities and plan of work. You have also explained the time stone of the problem/ project activities and how can you evaluate the project? Moreover, explain the qualification needs for the project and what facilities are available?

  • Fifth basic component: proposal budget

Fifth basic component is about the budget of your proposal document. To put a budget of your proposal, you can make a table of the project needs with cost of each time. For instance, the personnel and their salaries, the equipment needed with their costs and others project needed. 

  • Sixth basic component: proposal conclusion

Sixth basic component of proposal document is the proposal conclusion. Conclude your written proposal document by summarize the problem, solution, benefits and outcomes. Conclusion is the final writing section in your proposal so, ensure that you conclude the key elements for your proposal. There are some words you can use to start the conclusion paragraph. For instance, finally, in a word, in brief, briefly, in conclusion, in the end, in the final analysis. Other examples are on the whole, thus, to conclude, to summarize, in sum, to sum up, in summary

  • Seventh basic component: proposal appendices

Seventh basic component is the appendices you need to attach them to your written proposal document. These appendices may be tables of the equipment needed for the project, letters of commitment, letters of support and illustrations. 

 How to write in steps the proposal document? 

In this paragraph, there are some basic steps to write a good proposal document that you can follow by order as:


take your time to think who are your target audience which your written proposal document will be present to them. As a result, you can get the support you need and the result you want. According to think about your audience, you have to think how to make your proposal document to be attractive. Thus, by think about hobbies and interests of your audience.


make a lot of research to prove that the problem you addressed in your proposal document is already exists. And also, you have the best solution for this addressed problem in your written proposal document. Make also a lot of research to show other opinions in the same problem and support your proposal with existing charts, facts, figures and graphs.


you need to provide a background information and hook your reader/ audience with this information and attack them to the way you present this information.


here you should to present your problem and gıve reason why solving this problem is important. This stage is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge about this problem.


now explain what is your solution of the problem and why your solution is the better than other solutions. You may need to state others solutions in your proposal document.

Sixthly, outline your proposal and start writing proposal document.

Seventhly, at the final part of writing proposal document you need to conclude proposal by summarize the key elements in the whole proposal

Eighty, finally after finishing write your proposal document and before submit the proposal document you need to proofread your proposal. Proofreading your proposal document is very important to ensure that your written proposal document free fromm such types of errors.

 Video: Project Proposal Writing: How To Write A Winning Project Proposal 


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