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What software do professional translators use?

What software do professional translators use?
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 What are the CAT Tools? 

The term indicates ( CAT Tools ) As we mentioned to the translation tools of computer – assisted, and return the birth of this term to the fifties of this century,

researchers have worked to find a machine translation, but they quickly realized that the machine translation slower and less accurate than human translation,

it is also more expensive than human translation, so the researchers changed the idea of finding tools replace the human place , 

but focused their efforts on creating tools to help the translator in his work, and was the basis of the work of these tools is to build rules of terminology 

((Terms Base Translation memories ((Translation Memory It facilitates and speeds up the translation process, and provides a comfortable and organized environment for the translator to work . 

Indeed, the nineties of this century witnessed the introduction of translation assistance tools

for computers (CAT Tools) Is essential to the translation market as well as many other software translation tools .

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 Types of   CAT Tools 

  • Trados SDL Trados

    It is one of the most important translation assistance computer programs that the translator is recommended to work with.

Through this program, the translator can create a terminology base and translation memory, which facilitates and speeds up the translation process,

and the translator through Trados can manage translation projects and exchange translation memories with other translators . 

The Trados program, like other computer-assisted translation tools, plays the role of the office on which you keep piles of translated documents,

dictionaries, and notes, but you may spend a long time searching those documents for words or terms that you have translated previously and need to translate them at the moment,

while this program provides you with The trouble of searching and putting in front of you automatically the translation of those terms, words, or even phrases that you had previously translated,

and you may find that 75% of the text has been translated and needs only

a little review and modification as required by the context of the source text . 

Video tutorial for translating a file using Trados from here   

  • Memo Q : ( MemoQ)

Winner of the Best Translation Program award for the year 2011 from the Institute of Translation and Interpretation in Britain . 

The program deals with translation memory and with all file formats, and it is a translation computer program designed to overcome some translation problems,

as it saves time, effort and even cost for both the client and the translator, without compromising the quality and accuracy of the translation . 

Among the translation problems that Memo Q helps the translator overcome

is instability in translating terms in a single file, or typographical errors in repeated phrases.

  • Word Fast (Wordfast):

WordPress fast is considered Wordfast Independent translation tool that works on many systems (such as

WindowsWindows And Mac system Mac And Linux system

 (Linux Using filters to work with many file formats, it also provides a free and basic level of quantity analysis ( up to 20  files ). 

Like other computer-assisted translation tools, it facilitates and organizes the translation process, and what distinguishes it is that translation memories can be exchanged even with the use of the trial version,

but what makes it different from other computer-assisted translation toolsCAT Tools 

Is that the size of the memory in it is limited (500

  • OmegaT ( OmegaT)

 . The OmegaT program includes the following features :

  • Identify similar units of translation .
  • Copying the translations of the identical translation units for the entire project .
  • Simultaneous processing of multi-file projects .
  • Using multiple translation memories at the same time .
  • Use of user glossaries, with the ability to learn about terms with their inflections .
  • Support for many file formats, including 
    : ( Microsoft Word – Excel – PowerPoint )   HTML -XHTML  In addition to text file formats and other formats .
  • Unicode support to allow the use of languages (UTF-8) Not derived from Latin . 
  • Support for right-to-left languages .
  • Built-in spelling .
  • Compatible with other TM software (TMX – TTX – TXML – XLIFF – SDLXLIFF  )
  • A box for machine translation from Google .

 Why is it recommended to use computer-assisted translation toolsCAT Tools ? 

Most professional translators recommend using computer-assisted translation tools CAT ToolsAnd that is because these tools have many benefits that benefit both the translator,

the client and the translation company, and we will mention some of these benefits :

  1. Translation Consistency : Computer-assisted translation tools store the translation units that you have translated from terms,
    phrases and sentences within what is known as translation memory
    that is available for you to use in future translation work,
    which ensures the standardization of terms, logos, product names
    and so on if they are repeated again in Those future translations .
  2. Saving time and effort : Computer assisted translation tools save a lot of your time and effort,
    so repeating some terms or even phrases will reduce the time needed to translate the entire file,

    thanks to the terminology base and
    translation memory that puts in front of you
    your previous translations of these terms or phrases as soon as they are mentioned in The file you are translating . 
  3. Translation in a comfortable environment : Computer-assisted translation tools divide the file to be translated into
    units (segments) , In addition to dividing the workspace on the screen into two parts,

    one of which includes the source file units (the source(To be translated,

    and the other section is dedicated to the target file ) the target) ,
    Which provides a comfortable and organized environment for translation .
  4. Gaining greater job opportunities : Knowing how to use these tools has become an essential matter
    for any translator, and it is an integral part of translation skills in today’s digital age.
    If you are thinking of working for any translation company,
    you must learn and master dealing with these tools in order to gain access to More opportunity
    to work for that company . 

 Some Misconceptions About Computer Aided Translation Tools CAT Tools 

Translation using computer-assisted translation tools is and machine translation whether :

Many of those with little experience in translation believe that translation is using computer-assisted translation tools  CAT Tools It is itself machine translation, and this is in fact a misconception.

Machine translation is a machine translation in which the human factor ( i.e. the translator ) has no control.

Often this machine translation is overflowing of a self-learning program that depends on the translations entered

by the translator to create a translation memory .

 Computer translation tools are complex and difficult to learn how to use them : 

You do not need to be a computer expert to take advantage of the features offered by computer-assisted translation tools.

There are 3 day trial versions of these tools that you can try before you buy any of these programs,

and the company producing these programs provides educational videos in the program’s interface that facilitate the process. Learn how to translate and handle these tools .

 The translator can also search for articles, videos and tutorials that will help him understand how to translate using these tools and use them to the best of their ability . 

Once the translator learns how to use it, it becomes very easy and easy.

 Computer-assisted translation tools are designed for use by translation agencies: 

Any translator can freelancer To use computer-assisted translation tools  CAT Tools It is not exclusive to translation agencies and companies . 

The use of these tools saves a lot of time and effort for the translator, which allows him to complete many translation projects in less time than he needed to complete them without using these tools,

and thus, he gets more profits from those projects and gains the confidence of customers .

A professional translator does not need computer-assisted translation tools  CAT Tools :

Some may think that a professional translator does not need such aids in translation,

and that his experience in translation is sufficient and capable of bringing him clients and making him profit, and that these tools are to help a novice translator who does not have sufficient experience in translation,

and this is a wrong belief of course, the designer A professional, a skilled painter, or a skilled engineer all need tools that help them in their work, as well as the translator,

& the use of smart and effective tools does not ever undermine the skill of any of these, but rather gain them more distinction and professionalism . 

It enables him to exchange experiences with other professional translators through translation memories and vocabulary rules . 

 Video: WHICH CAT TOOL SHOULD YOU BUY? (Translation Software Tier List) 


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