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What is the best free translator

What is the best free translator
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How many times have you wanted to translate a paragraph from one language to another? that you are not fluent in and relied on Google translation for that. But in the end, you got an unsatisfactory, imprecise translation that lacks accuracy? You may now try to count the number, or you may just say: a lot. The translation service from Google and other sites depends mainly on machine learning and the abundance of language content. Thus, that is to be called for translation. From this point on, and to obtain the highest possible quality for your translations. In this article, we will review a set of important sites that help you with that.    

 SDL translator ,Leadership in language services for 25 years 

An SDL Network is a leading network in digital content management and language services for more than 20 years. It is providing many digital services, such as content management and providing powerful solutions to manage. And create digital content and ensure its suitability for use, translation tools that provide simple, high-quality translation. As well as Live translation services by more than a thousand translators, engineers and experts to translate the content in the best way and the highest possible accuracy.

so, SDL services are used by more than 79 companies and organizations among the top 100 brands, such as Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic(Japan Electronics and Cisco Systems Inc.)Cisco Systems(Leader in Networking Equipment and Information Technology, Philips)Philips(Specialized in electronics and home appliances, and Casio Corporation)Casio(The Japanese specialist in the electronics industry, Sharjah Media Center, and CNN)CNN), And the Best Western Hotel Chain (Best Western), And many others.

In addition, the network provides – for free – a machine translation service that depends on neural devices and deep learning, which provides high-precision translation of words, sentences and paragraphs as well as documents, this translation supports more than 45 different languages, including Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian Russian, Romanian, Portuguese and Indonesian, as well as Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Swedish, in addition to Turkish, Albanian, Bengali, Bulgarian and Croatian.

The network provides the ability to listen to the pronunciation of translated paragraphs or sentences, and it also provides the ability to translate via smartphones through applications compatible with different operating systems. 

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 Bing Translator … the intelligent Microsoft Translator 

Microsoft created the Bing site (Bing) To compete with the translation service provided by “Google”. Microsoft supports its translation service with the advanced technology used in the Office suite (Microsoft Office(And Skype Program)Skype) And Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer), In addition to the smart technology used by some Microsoft partners such as WeChat (WeChatTwitter (Twitter), And the Yelp site (YelpEBayeBay), And others.

“Ping” provides the ability to textual translation of words, sentences and paragraphs with a maximum of 5,000 words at a time. The translation supports more than 60 languages ​​including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch and Filipino, as well as Chinese, Korean, Greek and Hebrew. And Hindi, in addition to Indonesian, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and others.

This site allows you to listen to translated phrases aloud to learn how to pronounce them, in addition to voice translation for multi-party conversations, which enables you to easily have conversations with people who speak different languages ​​from your mother tongue. The site provides a unique application with more than 5 million users, which enables you to use various translation services through your smartphone.

also, the app features the ability to translate text into images and screenshots on the camera, as well as interpret common phrases for saved translations and pronunciation directions to help you learn important phrases in foreign languages ​​while you are travelling. In addition to the ability to search for alternative translations and different meanings of words to get the best translation for yourself, with the ability to download languages ​​to use the application without the need to connect to the Internet. To go to the “Bing” website on the Internet.

 Prompt Online Translator .. Combining different translation platforms 

The “Promate Online” website was developed and launched.PROMT-Online(In 2000, to be the first online translation service provided by “Smart Link”)Smart LinkWhich has become one of the leading companies in linguistics and translation services. In the beginning, the site consisted of a text editor that only supports translation into 5 languages ​​with about 12 language combinations, then more languages ​​and various technical tools were added, such as the virtual keyboard, spell checker, and others.

Now, the site supports more than 55 languages ​​including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish and Korean, with nearly 3,000 different language combinations, as well as a translation service from 3 additional platforms: Google, Microsoft and Babylon, which provides different translations you can Choose the soberest translation from among them. The site contains many distinctive technical tools such as automatic language recognition tool and voice translation.

In addition to the speech tool specialized in converting text into an audible voice for about 10 different languages, the spell-check tool that supports 8 different languages, the reverse translation tool, the multilingual dictionary that supports 8 different languages ​​and allows the ability to search for words and sentences through it, as well as a decoding tool Russian text unreadable and converted into text that can be read and translated easily.

The number of “Promate Online” users exceeds 6 million users around the world, and it is considered a haven and the best place for more than 60 million translations per month. The site provides add-ons compatible with all internet browsers to provide a distinctive user experience with ease.  

 Reverso translator .. integrated language services 

The “Riverso” site provides (ReversoA a wide range of language services and various translation services for free, such as the simultaneous translation service that supports translation to and from 13 different languages, including Arabic, English, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese and Portuguese. The translation service is characterized by its high quality as a result of testing millions of translations per month and constantly improving it, and thanks to automatic spell checking for errors in the original text that makes the original high-quality text does not contain unintended errors.

It provides a free dictionary that supports more than 10 different languages ​​that enables you to search for different words and phrases with one click and find a translation or definition of millions of words, idioms and specialized vocabulary with the ability to save your favourite words and phrases in your vocabulary list.

The site also provides a spell checker tool that enables you to check and correct grammar and grammar. In addition, the site provides a contextual dictionary tool, which provides translation and meanings of words and vocabulary within multiple contexts. Each word displays a large group of texts taken from multiple fields and gives many meanings so that you can choose the meaning or translation that is most appropriate for your use.

The site boasts a huge user network of more than 6 million users all over the world. In addition to the website, “Riverso” provides a free application that is compatible with smartphones of different operating systems, as well as add-ons compatible with Internet browsers that provide a distinctive user experience. 

 Babel Fish is the leading translator in the world of languages 

 Babel Fish website (Babelfish) Is a free online translator that helps thousands of users around the world daily in getting premium-quality translations. The translation services provided by the site are not limited to translating words or sentences and paragraphs only, but also provides the ability to translate web pages, blogs and complete documents of different formats such as word And thePDF.

The site supports about 75 different languages, including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Swedish, Dutch, German, Italian and Croatian, in addition to Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Romanian and Indonesian, as well as Chinese, Albanian, Bengali, Bulgarian and Croatian. It also provides a distinguished dictionary that enables you to search for translations of different words and vocabulary easily, in addition to a pioneering editing package that enables you to check the spelling of sentences and paragraphs to obtain a high-quality translation.

In addition to the wide network of users around the world, the site provides a large community that is a fertile ground for translators and people who want to learn the translation. Everyone can do the translation of paragraphs and sentences and receive an evaluation of the quality of translation by specialists and veteran translators members of the community. 

Finally, the aforementioned group of sites is a very powerful tool that will enable you to easily and easily translate words, sentences, paragraphs, texts and even web pages, blogs and various documents from any language to any other language. In addition to that, some useful sites cannot be mentioned in detail, such as the “Bablixl” site (BabelXLWhich supports translation services in more than 60 languages,

And the “Systran” site (SYSTRAN) For instant machine translation that supports the translation of texts, web pages, files and various documents into more than 10 different languages ​​with a distinct dictionary that supports the search for words and synonyms. And the “worlding” site ( worldline which supports text translation and document translation between 15 different languages,. 

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