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Is IJSR PubMed indexed

Is IJSR PubMed indexed
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 About IJSR 

IJSR publishes original and innovative papers. Recent review papers that examine and evaluate recent developments in social responsibility will also be considered. IJSR is a peer-reviewed journal that invites high-quality contributions aimed at a multidisciplinary audience.

IJSR is a forum to help managers, professionals, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers concerned with contemporary developments in the field of social responsibility to share their knowledge and disseminate their conclusions. You are welcome to submit your manuscript on our online application system which has self-explanatory steps. Registration and submission of manuscripts is open to everyone, from all over the world. We use the Online Journal System (OJS) to submit and publish articles in the IJSR. This system facilitates communication between authors, editors and reviewers in order to ensure a transparent and fast review process and allows submission of articles while tracking progress to the proof stage. In order to submit your article, click Submit, and register yourself if you are a new user.

 IJSR in international journals 

The International Journal of Scientific Research is monthly. Twice-reviewed printed journal that accepts extensive and exclusive research work in all areas of the medical sciences from academics, professors. And residents in their field of medicine. The journal aims to publish high-quality research work in the form of original research papers, case reports, review reports, etc. to the medical fraternity. Published quality papers are included and accepted by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and other legal authorities in India and worldwide. The journal is published on the first of every month.

The International journal of science and research (IJSR) aims to make a platform for the exchange of ideas on new rising trends that require larger focus and exposure. Always commit to publishing articles that will enhance the knowledge of upcoming researchers and scholars. The International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) follows open access as a publication model. This form provides instant, global, and hassle-free access to the full text of research articles without the need to subscribe to articles in this journal.

In this model, publication costs are covered by the author/authors' institution or research funds.  The editors enforce a rigorous double review process with strict ethical policies and standards to ensure that high-quality studies are added to the field of scholarly publication. In cases where we are aware of ethical issues. They are obligated to investigate and take action to maintain the integrity of the literature and ensure the safety of research participants.

research publication

 Medline and PubMed index 

One of the most important obstacles facing the scientific researcher in any field is the problem of searching for publications or what we call the bibliographic study. I am sure that all researchers spent hours and hours searching for one publication that might help them advance in solving the problem.

Nowadays, there are many journals and lectures around the world. And valuable and cheap, free and expensive information, complex and easy, have abounded. And in this momentum of information, databases and logically tools have appeared that facilitate the search within these rules. In the medical field the star of MEDLINE has emerged, Around this rule, many projects emerged, most notably the search engine.

MEDLINE is a bibliographic database produced by the National Library of Medicine (NLM-USA). Covering all biomedical fields: biochemistry, biology, clinical medicine, economics, ethics, dentistry, pharmacy, psychiatry, public health, and toxicology, Veterinary Medicine.

After this entry to the MEDLINE database, the problem of searching in this database is raised. In fact, there are many engines around the MEDLINE database, and perhaps the most important and most used (more than 25,000 titles are indexed on the search engine) PubMed, and perhaps you have heard about this engine and the importance it has gained For researchers in the field of medicine or everything related to this field, the rule, although it contains medical publications, all researchers in several fields use them daily. The theoretical and research aspect will inevitably interest you.

 IJSR Indexing process in PubMed and Medline 

Indexing is a process through which the publication is linked with keywords that facilitate the search for the publication through the search engine. Delving into the algorithms used for indexing and searching can be lengthy. And the research in this field is many and branched in a way that you will not be able to imagine. The important thing is to remember and perhaps It helps you to search by PubMed.

The indexing process in PubMed therefore links the post from MEDLINE to most of the terms from MeSH that accurately represent the post. So the first thing to learn to be able to search in PubMed is to be able to list the MeSH terms so that you can use the right words to search in an accurate way.

 What is scientific publishing and how to publish IJSR in Scopus journals? 

It is the process through which the researcher publishes his ideas in a systematic way in order to publish his ideas and help in communicating them to those interested in that field that was discussed in his scientific research, and in order to provide stylized information that helps scholars to find what they are looking for in an easy way, and also helps them Later as references in presenting their scientific research, therefore, scientific publishing is one of the most powerful tools for the student or researcher, which helps him to properly understand the areas he is interested in and provide him with a helping hand in presenting his research correctly.

Therefore, we can summarize the importance of publishing scientific research in scientific journals in the following points:

  1. Scientific research helps in the emergence of the name of the researcher in his field of specialization.
  2. It helps in making the researcher famous through his research.
  3. helps the researcher to be promoted in his job.
  4. The researcher who has a large number of scientific researches increases the credibility of his research and becomes a high position in the field of his research.

Scopus is one of the largest databases of abstracts, articles and scientific research, and also includes scientific journals and books included in the database. This is a huge database and analysis company that was established in 2004. This rule also covers 41,000 scientific publications. Containing more than 38,000 scientific journals, and every year this list of publications is updated. So annually there are new publications that meet the strict conditions for accepting these publications and are integrated conditions for approval in accordance with the proposed standards.

 How to publish in Scopus journals 

There are thousands of scientific articles published in Scopus journals. But in order to obtain approval for the publication of these scientific articles. Many different requirements must be met, including the linguistic aspect. The legal aspect, the requirements for article structures, how to design references, and the scientific material in the article must be presented convincingly It contains new scientific results that help spread science in the field in which the article was written, and the article must be written in English well and coordinated according to linguistic standards.

Therefore, in order to publish a scientific article in the fields of Scopus. You must first refer to the previous scientists and researchers who published in these journals. To take advice and advice from them in order to publish an article that is correct in all aspects. And compatible with all the correct conditions for publishing the article. Until it is approved, and the researcher gets The appreciation due in return for submitting a scientific research or article that helps in the dissemination of science.

 Obstacles to publishing IJSR in these areas 

The obstacles that hinder the researcher or the publisher from agreeing to his scientific article or scientific research are very many. Because obtaining how to publish in Scopus journals is not easy for all people. Narration and style, there are also moral reasons. And now I will talk about the reasons in detail:

First, the general reasons:

  • The content of the article or research is not important
  • There is no originality to the topic.
  • The content may be distinguished, but it does not fall within the interests of the journal.
  • Data and information provided has become very old, so it has become irrelevant to the topic of the research.
  • The results obtained in the research or the article are questionable.

Secondly, the scientific reasons:

  • The design in the content is weak in the study
  • Using old references.
  • The sample is not representative of the study population.
  • Hypotheses used in the research or study are not clear.
  • The existing statistical methods are incorrect or their validity has been questioned.
  • Unjustified conclusions.

Third, Reasons related to presentation and style:

  • The overall look of the content is not formatted.
  • Organization of the content is not good.
  • The writing style is unscientific and subjective and does not meet the general conditions.
  • Frequent errors in content, bad quotes and inaccuracies in it.

Fourth, reasons related to research ethics

  • Direct plagiarism and forgery.
  • Submitting for publication in more than one journal and in more than one language at the same time.
  • Write the names of authors who did not participate in the research.

 Video: Advanced PubMed in a Nutshell 


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