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What is the format of thesis writing?

What is the format of thesis writing?
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If you have reached the stage of preparing your academic thesis writing, then you have undoubtedly come a long way in your educational career. And you are now almost at the end of the path. The main objective of the academic thesis is to demonstrate your skills and ability to prepare in-depth research in your chosen field of specialization. And then present your findings in the form of a single, original document that adds value to the current academic and scientific communities. Not only that, you also have to make your thesis interesting and unique, different from other previously published academic papers and research papers.

All of these conditions may put you under tremendous pressure. And make the task of writing a thesis a difficult process that you may not know how to complete or start with. Writing a study requires planning and research skills of great value for your future career and within organizations. The study topic and question should be so focused that you can gather all the required data within a relatively short period of time, usually about six weeks for undergraduate programs.

You should also choose a topic you already know about something so that you already have a frame of reference for research in your literature and some understanding and interest in the theory behind your topic.

 Writing a thesis 

There are many ways to write a thesis or dissertation. Most universities and colleges give their students very specific instructions on their preferred approach. However, we will examine a more general structure and approach to writing a dissertation.

You can then write each of the different sections of your dissertation without or in addition to specific instructions from your university. There is no doubt that writing a postgraduate thesis is a difficult and long process that may take the scientific researcher for long days and nights. He deals with scientific references and sources of all kinds, Whether they are books, mothers of books, theses and previous scientific studies; In order to write a scientific thesis related to the title of scientific research in a broad and appropriate manner. Hence, this article deals with the importance of the scientific researcher when writing his graduate thesis.

 Steps of academic thesis writing 

The process of preparing and writing the thesis can seem challenging and stressful to you. However, it is not an impossible task, as with a little commitment and good planning, you will find yourself on the right path to write a distinguished thesis that guarantees you success and obtaining the degree you aspire to. Here is the comprehensive step-by-step guide to writing an academic thesis:

Write a unique research proposal

As the name expresses, a research proposal is a proposal for your final thesis project. In which you have to convince the discussion panel that you will commit to writing a value-added thesis that addresses a topic that is both interesting and complex enough. It is true that the research proposal is much shorter than the thesis itself. But it is just as important. Because it represents the stage during which you think about an appropriate argumentative question. And develop an integrated research plan for writing the thesis.

Step two: Do an in-depth research

The research phase will determine the overall course of your thesis. It has to be methodical and efficient, after all, you don't want to waste your time reading and analyzing useless or irrelevant sources and references.

Step Three: Write an Amazing Dissertation

You have reached the most important stage in preparing the thesis, which is writing and preparing the actual project that will be the fruit of all your efforts and labor. It is really amazing to see so many students who have successfully completed the previous two phases, give up and completely collapse when they realize that they have no idea how to write the thesis. If you find yourself in this situation, remember this: You have done a great job so far, and succeeded.

Formatting academic theses

Fourth Step: Editing and proofreading the thesis

Many believe that the proofreading and editing stage is not an important thing, and they can do it right before the thesis is submitted. In fact, this is a really huge mistake, because proofreading and editing takes a very long time and is considered a very important stage. So, don't hold back, and stay committed until you have completed your thesis completely.

Step Five: Get Feedback

Before you submit your thesis to the committee of supervisors, you must first get feedback on it. Start by presenting the thesis to one of your colleagues or friends who have a background on your research topic.

 Formal conditions for writing a master's and doctoral thesis and researching a course on scientific research methods and methods: 

When producing and printing his thesis in preparation for the discussion, the researcher must abide by the following formal controls, as the College of Graduate Studies will not accept the receipt of theses that do not meet the approved formal specifications and according to the following sequence:

Research sequence:

The following sequence must be followed when producing the research in preparation for its submission for discussion:

  • Cover page (title page): The cover page must contain the following data (the name of the Academy and College of Graduate Studies - the name of the program - the academy's logo.
  • Acknowledgment: The student must attach to his thesis, after the cover page, the following declaration form, signed by him
  • Thesis summary: (within 300:250 words).
  • Thanks: The researcher may dedicate a page to thank those who see it, to give them special thanks for a bug that the researchers.
  • Index: The index includes all the main contents of the search with the page numbers corresponding to those contents.
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Appendices
  • List of references.
  • Research packaging
  • Packaging of pre-discussion transcripts: The student must submit appropriately wrapped copies of the discussion
  • Wrapping delivery copies after discussion: After the discussion, the student must submit two encapsulated copies of the research to the College of Graduate Studies and it will be as follows

paper type:

  • The research must be issued on one side only of good quality white paper, A4 size and the same grade of paper must be used for the entire paper
  • Linguistic check: The student must adhere to the linguistic proofreading of his research.
  • Pagination
  • Type and size of fonts
  • Spacing between paragraphs, lines, side margins, top and bottom margins
  • Number of thesis words:
  • The number of words for the master's thesis should not be less than (20,000) and not more than (30,000).
  • The number of words for the doctoral thesis should not exceed (80,000) words.
  • Page Footer Margins/ Margins of the Last Search
  • Matching: The student is responsible for preparing and collecting the research material, and arranging the research pages in the correct manner.
  • Illustrative material: such as photographs and other illustrative materials included in the research.
  • Restrictions on publishing research and intellectual property.

 The difference between a research thesis and a thesis writing 

Many Arab universities still use the term thesis on both MA and PhD research. But it is important to identify the similarities and differences between them. which is next:

  1. A thesis is a requirement for obtaining a master's degree. And a thesis is a requirement for obtaining a doctoral degree.
  2. The doctorate is the highest academic degree in the field of specialization. And whoever obtains it becomes licensed to teach in universities. As for the master's holder, he is eligible to continue studying for a doctorate. And the holder may qualify to be a teaching assistant or assistant teacher.
  3. There is a difference between the objectives of the research thesis and the objectives of the thesis. Which necessitates a difference in content, effort, volume and type of knowledge. And procedures to which it is subject before its approval.
  4. The time period allotted and allowed to complete the thesis shall not be less than six months. And the thesis shall not be less than one year when it is complementary.
  5. Master's theses are discussed by a committee that includes only three members. While theses are discussed by committees that include four or five discussants. Some of whom may be from outside the university with some exceptions.
  6. The number of pages for a master's degree in some disciplines does not exceed one hundred and fifty pages. And for a doctorate, it reaches two hundred and fifty pages.
  7. The references on which theses are based are few in number, and it is allowed to quote from secondary references. As for theses, they require reliance on numerous, recent and direct references.


Writing an academic thesis is undoubtedly a great challenge that many students fail to tackle and successfully overcome. Not because of their lack of capacity, but because of some gaps in their research and writing skills. When you start writing your thesis, and before you plunge yourself into a state of panic and terror over this important challenge. Always remember that you have reached this last stage in your academic career, and there is no turning back now. Don't view the thesis as a big, scary monster...instead, break it down into small stages and give each stage enough time, then make sure you complete each stage in time. Little by little you will find yourself making significant progress, and things will seem easier than you imagined.

 Video: Writing the Thesis 


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